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PlayMagazine writes: "You run, you hide or you die. That’s about the bulk of the instruction you’ll get when you boot up Outlast for the first time, and until you’ve actually started exploring the game world, you won’t realize just how terrifyingly accurate they are. My first mistake was viewing those three as options, a light-hearted look at what exactly I’d let myself in for here. Sadly, they were anything but – they’re very firm and authorative instructions to run and hide, because you’ll be doing just that. Very often."

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Lukejrl1808d ago

The game is awesome. I have not been more terrified or on the edge of my seat since i played Silent Hill as a 12 year old.

When i played Silent hill 3 My stereo started to turn the volume up. I thought it was me sitting on the remote, but when i checked it was on the desk. I kept playing and the volume would periodically go up and down. I had to stop it was getting too messed up. The receiver never did anything like that again.
The hairs on my body were constantly up. Something messed was with that game.

Treian1808d ago

I would give it an 8. 7 seems too low.

gillri1808d ago

nah i think a 7 is right, a solid indie effort but not as good as the preview suggested

Man_Son1808d ago

This game kills my nerves. Playing it with pulse headset makes it scarier!!