The Ultimate Gaming Peripherals: PrioVR Exoskeleton From YEI Tech

We can’t take it any more… For the love of the gaming gods. Can we just make all these incredible, high-end, full-immersion virtual reality gaming peripherals an industry standard already? Can we please just make them freely available and with a massive library of supporting titles? Every day we hear about some amazing company sucking up millions of dollars via Kickstarter like it just tapped into some previously unknown oil reserve… Now, we’re one step closer to the holodeck.

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SteamPowered1810d ago

This unit sounds incredible!....But the kickstarter fell through October 2013. Kind of pointless article.

TheUltimateGamer1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

It did. They're trying to get things back up and running. Hopefully it gets rolling again because we, as gamers, need something of this nature.

Quote from their Kickstarter:

"Hi all!

We are at CES 2014 this week and want to share details with you about the relaunch. You guys have been seriously awesome, and we want to make sure you get the news!

So mark your calendars; we finally set a date!

We are going to relaunch on February 14th.

We are going to offer 3 versions of the suit: one upper body and two full body versions. All versions will ship with controllers, so you can shoot things and walk around if you would rather play from your couch.

We don't have exact prices for you yet, but the upper body option should be under $300 and the full body options should be under $400. Assuming everything goes well, we are also looking at a June 2014 delivery date for the first systems.

We are really excited and are going to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for your support and patience over the past few months. We wouldn't have made it so far without you, and we promise will keep you posted! :)"

This can be found at

SteamPowered1810d ago

Niiiiiiice!! June 2014 is a pretty ambitious launch. This definitely has my interest.
Helpful bubble coming your way.

Alexious1810d ago

It looks amazing, no doubt! I wonder if all these different VR devices won't end up being unsupported in most games, though.

TheUltimateGamer1810d ago

I certainly hope they get good support. I love the direction the industry is headed right now. I can't wait to see what sticks and what flops.. Should be an extremely fun few years to come!