PS4 Gets “Last Batch” on Amazon Japan Before Launch; Sells Out Again in a Couple Hours

Those that still wanted to pre-order the upcoming PS4 in Japan got a last chance before launch today, even if it was a rather short-lived one.

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DigitalHope1810d ago

Can't wait to see the numbers they do. Wonder if it will surpass the EU launch.

TomShoe1810d ago

PS4: It's big in Japan.

Oh_Yeah1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Japan is simply not big enough for that to happen. I think, unless they have massive amounts of consoles ready to be sold there. Japan's population is 130 million while Europes is 740 million. Console sales are always higher in USA and Europe do to sheer population= more gamers.

sparta761810d ago

When does the PS4 launch in Japan?

Lonnie181810d ago

It launches on Feb 22nd. It will probably sell a million in its first week for sure :)

HeartlessGamer1810d ago

PS4 is going to do really great in Japan

cellfluid1810d ago

N a couple of hours???? Sure not minutes

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