Sonic Boom Discusison - Thoughts & impressions

GameXplain: "Sega just announced that a brand new Sonic game called Sonic Boom is coming to the Wii U! We give our thoughts on this new game, including what we think of the redesigned characters, such as Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, how they all might play, and much more! All this and more in our Sonic Boom discussion!"

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Sincere01212684d ago

Lol u don't like anythin related to Nintendo, don't even know why you even bother commenting on Nintendo articles, everyone knows what ur gonna say before you even say it foxtroll.

Game looks amazing. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

dcj05242684d ago

In your opinion. IMO Looks like a cool reboot. Knuckles looks a55 though. Everything else i'm digging. I'll judge at E3.

-Foxtrot2684d ago


LOL....OMG this has NOTHING to do with Nintendo, it just doesn't look good and I said this as soon as I saw this before they said it was a Nintendo exclusive.

Jeez it's the same with TitanFall

Is this why your saying the game looks good...because it's Nintendo.

Shadonic2684d ago

I don't like it all that much I understand the sonics fastest and the whole leg thing but he had long legs to begin with in the sonic 06 era, I'm ok with tails and amy kind but the legs should be shortened just a bit for amy and sonic and knuckles head could maybe have some more touch ups as well as it literally looks like they just Photoshoped the older version on top of the new body. Also changing sonic's arms back to the original color and possibly a scarf color change unless the brown scarf has some sort of meaning.

Venox20082683d ago

are you a grumpy cat from internet? why you all full of negativity all the time? :)

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sonic9892684d ago

nope its not awesome
as of lately everything that being westernized is turning to be a pure garbage .
i like some western characters like crash , sly , ratchet, leonardo from tmnt, because thats how they started but really DMC and now this i cant handle such an awful looking knuckles and weird looking sonic i shall wait until Sonic team makes a real sonic game with real sonic even if its not as good at least i can recognize the character i love sooo much

thegent2684d ago

I was thinking thr opposite and they look more eastern. Sonic looks like he is a character from an anime.

wonderfulmonkeyman2684d ago

My thought is "could be worth my money".
It's not part of the main franchise[they confirmed this in a different article], so this game won't be screwing up what's already been laid out, like Sonic '06 tried to do.

The character redesign on Knuckles is a bit extreme, but it's still a work-in-progress so his design might change along the way.
Sonic's new look isn't a super huge departure; some bandages around his arms and hands and feet, a few extra spines and a scarf, nothing super flashy.
And that's a good thing.
Same for Amy and Tails.[though Amy looks like she might be a bit more flirty or she might have a bit more attitude this time around. Dunno how well that will play out but I guess we'll see.]

I like how cocky Sonic is with Eggman, glad that hasn't changed.

Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic.
This game isn't being developed by Sonic Team, and since it's not going to mess with the main canon of the Sonic franchise, it'll be easier for old-time fans to accept, as an alternate-universe tale.

I'll be keeping a close eye on it, but so far the gameplay, which seems to be a bit more open-world than I was expecting it to be, seems like it might keep me interested.
A non-linear Sonic game with co-op could be one heck of a fun ride...

eaise2684d ago

After looking at a picture of the character designs for 10 minutes straight they don't bother me as much as they did when I first saw them. Sonic having blue arms looks good once you get used to it, and Tails and Amy both look good. I still hope something with Knuckles is changed because those arms are just way too big for his legs. I think this game will turn out well and I will be buying it.
On a side note I would love to see Shadow in this game especially if he was a playable character. Maybe like Rosalina was in 3D World and just have him be an unlockable character with his own move set

Alex_Boro2684d ago

Once I found out Sanzaru games is developing this I became excited. For those who didn't know, Sanzaru made Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, which was an excellent game and stuck true to its roots. I am excited to see with what they'll do with this, as Sonic Team is totally lost with what to do with the Sonic franchise, this will breath new life into it.

Yodagamer2684d ago

Sanzaru is strictly the 3ds version, The wii u is made by some newer company with a former naughty dog developer at the helm.

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