€129.90 ($176) Wii U 8GB system up for pre-order on Amazon, coming Feb. 18th

Is Nintendo preparing a cheaper Wii U SKU for sub-$200? Either that or Amazon is setting up pre-orders just to clear out stock of old 8GB units but why put them up for reserve if they weren't selling? Looks like we may have a cheaper Wii U coming soon.

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BoneBone1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This is Amazon in Italy. Nintendo have stated officially there will be no price drops, at least in this fiscal year (March). Sooooo, that's what it isn't. GimmeGimmeGames forget this fact or something? The news only broke last week.... So let's examine your opening paragraph:

"Is Nintendo preparing a cheaper Wii U SKU for sub-$200?"

Yuuuuuup! impeccable investigative journalistic skills in action here.

mrbojingles1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

You didn't even read the entire article where they say that Nintendo said that exact same statement last year, that they wouldn't cut the system's price before they ended up cutting its price by $50 like two months later? Doesn't look like impeccable investigative reading on your part. I mean, there's even a link in the post to when Nintendo said in June that they wouldn't cut the price, yet they announce one two months later.

BoneBone1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Scott Moffitt Vs addressing of investors meeting. Yup, there's absolutely no difference there. Price drop confirmed.

"Looks like we may have a cheaper Wii U coming soon."

The hell can you just post rubbish like this? Completly basless hogwash.

Amazon comments on Wii U (recent) -

Concertoine1768d ago

i just want to point out they said something similar before the last price drop. it wouldnt be wise for them to hint a pricedrop because that would turn off consumers willing to pay full price.
also this isnt technically a price drop, its a new SKU entirely.

mrbojingles1768d ago

Yea, I could see Nintendo wording it that way. Leaving the 32GB at $299 and theoretically introducing the 8GB again at a lower price point. It technically wouldn't be a price drop, it'd be a newer, cheaper SKU (even if its the reshuffling of an old SKU)

mrbojingles1768d ago

To be fair BoneBone, you're pointing out the phrasing on N4G in the description. The article itself doesn't say "looks like...." at all

Rockefellow1768d ago

As much as I love playing with my Wii U, and have enjoyed the various games I've experienced since it launched, I feel like a fool for dropping all that money on it, just like I did with the 3DS when it launched. At least Nintendo rewarded us fools for our mistake with that system.

Concertoine1768d ago

The 3ds dropped 70 bucks only a few months after it launched, wii u dropped 50 almost a year later. Wii u wasnt worth the money until pikmin 3 imo, but i wouldnt expect them to compensate for early adopters anyway.

wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago

I dunno; I got my money's worth out of games like Darksider's II and Warrior's Orochi 3 Hyper...

wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

If they reintroduce this at a lower price, it might move systems.
Then again, it might not. A lot of people don't want to plug in an external drive, or don't own one already that they could use on the system, and that would be all the excuse they'd need to avoid the 8GB like the plague, even at a lower price point...

Well, if it does happen, I hope it helps.
A bigger install base would be wonderful.

parentoftheyear1768d ago

I would buy a Wii u for under $200. My wife is wanting one for mario as well as new dk title and mario cart. I could justify $200 to the games I would be first in line. So please let true.

Geobros1768d ago

The link of the console in the amazon does not work....I mean I open it but I don't see the price of 130 euros or the possibility to preorder it. :(