Next Halo to Use Sound as a "Major Function of Interactive Moments"

The next Halo game development at 343 Industries is still pretty much shrouded in mystery, but today Microsoft published a career opportunity ad seeking a Sound Designer that sheds a bit of light on its audio features.

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malokevi1768d ago

Noice. I love a game with a good soundstage. That's one of the reasons I adore Battlefield 3/4. Nothing better than those ground-pounding explosions that set the subwoofer on fire.

FriedGoat1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Speaking of sound, Lets hope they can make it BETTER.
Halo 4 had the worst music of any halo ever.
I don't trust 343 to do anything special soundwise, if they dont realise how amazing and iconic the original halo music is/was, they are idiots.

I didn't mind the sound effects, some were improved (rifles) some weren't as good (gravity hammer), but the music was so generic, the single player was barely even memorable.

The_devils_chum1768d ago ShowReplies(3)
SteamPowered1768d ago

Sound should Always be used for interactive moments. It seems to be underestimated in a lot of games. We all talk about fps and 1080p, but great sound quality isnt brought up all that often. Shame.

DiRtY1768d ago

NICE! Halo 4 had much better sounds than the previous Halo titles before - ask my neighbours for proof!

seriously though, here is a nice vid how they made these sounds:

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