Konami Releasing Seven Major Console Titles In 2014

Konami has released a financial report that budgets for 14 new games by 2015.

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KrisButtar1715d ago

Can anyone name all 7? I know a few, the 2 Metal Gears and Castlevania LoS but what are the rest any unannounced games in that 7?

afterMoth1715d ago

We only know that you can complete all 7 titles in under 2 hours.

NarooN1715d ago

Konami better go get some Aloe because they just got BURNED!

porkChop1715d ago

MGS5 won't be out this year though, it's a 2015 title. That was the original reason for Ground Zeroes coming out earlier, so people wouldn't have to wait as long to play a next gen MGS.

Inception1715d ago

Besides MGS: GZ and LoS 2, i think they will release PES 2015 / PES World Cup 2014 edition and new Love Plus.

For other titles...well, don't count new Suikoden, Silent Hill, ZoE, or Contra though.

ceooflhm1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I had two in mind but had a brainfart and realized it was Capcom I was thinking of.

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Venox20081714d ago

didnt Activition buy license to turtles now? :)

rarity1715d ago

Hopefully a new silent hill survival horror games are starting to get popular.

ssj271715d ago

Well we know they have a Pro Evolution Soccer ever year so that is number 3, besides castlevania and mgs.

They own the Silent Hill ip but they have not announce a new one jet but most likely it will be number 4.

The rest I can't tell.

Nero13141715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

E3 2014 is gonna be the best e3 ever

Venox20081714d ago

..yeah, like every E3 last 3 years :DDD I hope I am wrong :)

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