There Won’t Be Any “Plasma Rifles, Launchers and Electric Guns” in Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is shaping up more and more like it’s film counterpart, 1979′s Alien, and unlike 1986′s Aliens, the more action-oriented film on which last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines was based upon. Much like Alien, there will be no complex firearms at the disposal of the player in Alien: Isolation, and the developers have confirmed this fact.

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Rockefellow1714d ago

This really isn't any different than the whole technology spiel they offered gamers a few weeks ago. They want everything to stay within the realm of the Alien film universe, in what would be considered "realistic territory." Common sense would have dictated we wouldn't have insane futuristic weapons.

SteamPowered1714d ago

You know there's gotta be a flamethrower somewhere on the ship.

ironfist921714d ago

They should make it like Dead Space and have only engineering tools.

McScroggz1714d ago

I love the idea behind this game, I just hope they are able to nail it. I imagine it's going to be very difficult to find that right balance of making it tense, and difficult without making too punishing. The pacing is going to be very important too.

Cautiously optimistic.

Juiceid1714d ago

Yet there is a colonial marine motion tracker? I really don't remember one in Alien.

Nocando1714d ago

They used a crude motion tracker during the scene where Dallas was taken in the ventilation system.