The Order: 1886 doesn’t need multiplayer, but 30FPS is a riskier decision

GameZone: The news that Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 will not include a multiplayer mode comes in stark contrast to a growing trend among modern shooters.

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LostPotato1717d ago

30 FPS or 60 FPS I don't really care, and frankly it amazes me that people do.

Neonridr1717d ago

Well when Xbox One games are announced at only being 30fps, a lot of Sony fans seem to care.

Based on the history of comments here at N4G anyways.

That being said, I totally agree with you. TLOU and GTA V were amazing games that were only 30fps. Sure everyone wants to see how high their machines can go in terms of resolution and framerate, but I trust this developer to do what they feel is best for their game in the end.

I am sure we will all be pleased with the end result.

Angels37851717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

No its the fact that those games are said to be 30 fps LOCKED

and that ends up being (like many of microsofts statements) a marketing lie.

an average fps of 25 and dips as low as 14 fps in RYSE is NOT 30 fps locked.

same with dead rising 3 (even that 13 gb patch didnt help)

even tomb raider dips into the 20s on xbox one ps4 ...NEVER

since the disagrees are flowing here are verifiable sources. have fun.

"still dips into low 20s"

"dips as low as 23"

watch video....goes as low as 14 fps in the first level....

Pro Racer1717d ago

30FPS for single player is fine. Having 60 only really matters in MP and racing games.

DryBoneKoopa851717d ago

Right there with you Neon.

The game looks AMAZING. Plus I see this being a more slower paced game. I don't see The Order having a ton of explosions going off like some war games have.

I say play the game and not the graphics.

Eonjay1717d ago

This is the most talked about game that no one has seen. We have 12 more days. Then we can decide if the quality of the visuals warrants 30FPS or not. Apparently it did for Ryse.

Highlife1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Multiplats that have a game run at 60 and one at 30 is different than this. I am sure those games have the same intent and goal but one system can't do it for whatever reason. So with this game instead of going for 60fps maybe there goal was to add more effects, better ai, more enemies on screen and push those boundaries. I fine with that. Same goes for any game on any system.

Edit- disagrees explain

prankster1717d ago

It is only a big deal to PS4 and Xbox One fans when a game is released on both consoles and one console has an advantage. The Order is a PS4 exclusive so we have no way of knowing how it will run on an Xbox One. Therefore it is not a big deal.

FamilyGuy1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

It's all about the atmosphere and I trust Ready At Dawn to know what their doing. I'm thinking that 60 fps wouldn't give the game the cinematic feel that they were going for. If that isn't the case then maybe it's to have a ton of other "next gen effects". The game already looks like it's got some amazing tech behind it.

All that's left to hear about the game is its length. If they can make it long enough to satisfy most gamers then nothing else will hold it back.

PoSTedUP1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

a game seemingly This special, make it 60fps. [email protected] should take their time with it because they could do big numbers if the hype is real; being the first new IP blockbuster on a new system that is selling (and assuming will continue) this exceptionally well, is the greatest opportunity for a dev and could turn into a highly demanded franchise. 30FPS locked wont hurt the game really, its just that 60 is easier and nicer on the eye, just like 1080 vs 720.

scott1821717d ago

I think if it's locked 30fps and never dips it is fine... much lower than 30 and I really notice.

Bathyj1717d ago

No one cares what the fps on Xbone games actually are, they just want to point out that Xbone is a weaker system.

ABizzel11717d ago


"Well when Xbox One games are announced at only being 30fps, a lot of Sony fans seem to care."

The only time I've seen fanboys say anything about 30fps on being bad is when the PS4 version is 60fps in comparison (Tomb Raider), or when the game 1080p @ 30fps on PS4 and a lower resolution on XBO.

30 - 60fps is practically going to be the standard for console gaming, simply because you don't gain much from 100+ fps over 70 - 80. 60fps is almost always better than 30fps, but 30fps is still an acceptable framerate.

erathaol1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Seeing as the game doesn't come out till the end of the year and I haven't seen any footage. I can't form an opinion on if its good or bad.

Feb. 19, I'll let you all know what I think.


Neonridr1717d ago

@ABizzel1 - totally agree. I think we are going to be so impressed with this game regardless. 30fps will suit this game just fine.

aragon1717d ago

your opinion was right on the money my friend

aragon1717d ago

@ abizel1 Youre deluding yourself notice he said based on history of comments here, where were you when xbone first launched, ryse was said to be 30 fps and dr3 was said to be 30 fps you should have seen the bashing.

Akuma071717d ago

Big difference between technically incapable and designed.

starchild1717d ago

Even though I am a PC gamer and greatly prefer 60fps in all types of games, I think 30fps is still perfectly enjoyable in my console games, as long as it is capped at 30fps and doesn't dip below that too often.

The Order 1886 looks like it will probably be a fantastic game with amazing graphics. If it has a steady 30fps I doubt anybody is going to be worrying too much about it.

NeoTribe1717d ago

Its a problem when xbox is runnin 30fps because its competition is runnin at 60. This is a game thats pushing graphical limits on the ps4 exclusively. While it will run at 30fps, the game would not even run on an xbox1.

Giul_Xainx1716d ago

1 game on ps4 with 30 fps.

6 games on the new xbox at 30 fps.

I fail to see why we are arguing.

inveni01716d ago

I'd rather have a more realistic and immersive gave at 30fps than a game with worse AI, worse physics, worse particle system, and worse attention to detail at 60fps.

Chris5581716d ago

60 fps should be fps shooters fighting games racing games thats it the rest can be 30 fps

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Imalwaysright1717d ago

"frankly it amazes me that people do." You shouldn't be amazed just because people want the best.

WillGuitarGuy1717d ago

30 FPS is fine but I'm worried on how the destruction will hold up. Particles will be choppy if the FPS dips at all.

nategrigs1717d ago

See I think this is why they set it at 30. Better to have a stable 30 then something higher with massive drops when stuff gets hectic, especially in a game so focused on destruction

Bathyj1717d ago

On type of game (most type of games actually) I'm fine with 30 fps that doesn't dip. It will be more interesting to see how people react to the aspect ratio (and by extension the resolution) than the framerate.

3-4-51717d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't they do more within the game if it's at 30 FPS ?

Won't that tax the system less, and therefore actually make everything in total run smoother ?

The graphics would then be allowed to be more detailed because your not having to dedicate as much power to running it at 60 FPS ?

Am I close ?

DOMination-1716d ago

I hope people will be this generous when quantum break is announced as 1080p/30fps.

N311V1716d ago

I used to think the same thing but after playing a couple of PS4 games at 60fps I actually do care. The thing I like most about 60fps is that when I move the camera the picture doesn't go blurry. I can pan over a scene and comfortably take in the atmosphere, adds a lot to gaming for me.

30fps won't stop me from buying The Order 1886 but I know I'll be wishing it was 60fps.

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snake_eater1717d ago

ffs stop with that 30/60fps crap

damn it

dcj05241717d ago

ALL NEXT-GEN games should be 1080P 60FPS without ANY graphical sacrifices. I'm always a little dissapointed seeing so many 1080P 30FPS. I hope they can get a solid 60. 30 is fine but 60 is simply better and should be what every game strives for.

PersonMan1717d ago

60fps is ALWAYS going to have graphical sacrifices on ANY system. Given twice the rendering time, developers will always be able to push the graphics more at a lower framerate like 30fps.

NYC_Gamer1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

It's about quality of the story/gameplay and not the amount of frames per second

dcj05241717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

So if its 240p at 20fps you wouldn't mind? Get a grip. They DO matter and make the experience richer and more enjoyable. You can have a great game at 1080P 30FPS but the same game at the same price at 60FPS is the better game.They shouldn't have to sacrifice anything either since the PS4 "Is the most powerful console in world" If resoloution and framerate didn't matter i would've just played assassin's creed 4 on my PS3. Why buy MGS V on next gen if it doesn't matter.

Jovanian 1717d ago


Can't say I'm surprised. They truly are welcoming us to 'next gen'

Riderz13371717d ago

Yes because frames per second define a next gen game? Damn you haven't even seen the Order and you are dismissing it as a "next gen" game because it runs at 30 frames? How do you have so many bubbles with such an unintelligent comment?

mediate-this1716d ago

Please enlighten me, fps seem matter when xbox one game cant output it, but when a ps4 game outputs 30fps its all fine and dandy?

Listen im all for the experience of a game, not the hypocrisy of a fanboy site.

This is supposed to be next gen, both machines should be outputting high res and fps with out a hitch. Devs have to scale back res or add black bars