Sony: PS4 sales above expectations, PS3 below

GameZone: Sony has apparently increased the sales forecast for its newly launched PlayStation 4. Though Sony didn't offer newly updated figures or blatantly announce an increase in expectations, it can be inferred from comments made by CEO Kaz Hirai during today's earnings call that the company has increased faith in its new console.

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Rainstorm811808d ago

I think its partially because the next gen console isn't that far from the PS3 in price.

If u are on the fence for PS3, save a lil bit more and get the new PS4

LAWSON721808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Maybe I am crazy but as of now IMO if someone has not yet got a PS3 they should get the PS3 instead of a PS4. Your average consumer is not me though so I doubt they would spend $100 less for something much older and uglier

UltimateMaster1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Actually, PS3 now retails for 199$ for 12Gb and 249$ bundle.
So that makes a 150$ gap.

Maybe the fact PS Now is coming this year, people who did not bought a PS3 might just get that instead of spending it on a PS3.

nix1808d ago

i picked up a PS3 recently because the first one died on me. i wanted to live off the PSN+ and their free games. lol.

i'll pick up PS4 when they have more games i like.

badz1491808d ago


"If u are on the fence for PS3, save a lil bit more and get the new PS4"

THAT doesn't make any sense at all! the PS4 has no BC and if you wanna buy a PS3, you just got to buy the PS3, not saving for the PS4 instead.

as an owner of 2 working PS3s, I'm currently only harvesting the benefit of PS+ on my PS3 as I've already stopped buying new games for the PS3. The last one I bought was R&C Into the Nexus and I bought mainly exclusives during my PS3 years. that's why I'm having a blast as a PS+ subscriber because I haven't play most of the games on offer!

so, long story short, if you wanna buy a PS3, buy it without thinking about the PS4 as they play different games.

BitbyDeath1808d ago

Also last-gen went for too long and many are ready to move. I know it had great games right up til the end but 8 years without a gen change is pushing it.

7 years is what Sony did with PS1 and PS2 and it felt just right IMO

cellur1111808d ago

The ps2 lasted 13 years.

Rainstorm811808d ago

Well the PS4 did launch 7 years after the PS3....kinda still on schedule

But with 360 launching a year earlier it does feel like the gen has been going on and on

PS3Freak1808d ago

Yes but the next gen came far before that.

The PS3 might last that long too, but it's irrelevant in terms of the length of a generation.

Magicite1808d ago

Last decent PS1 game came out in 2003.
Last decent PS2 game came out in 2009.
...I predict PS3 will be getting quality games until 2015/16.

NiteX1808d ago

There's still tons of good PS3 games coming, and PS4 has no games. It will be quite a while before I make the upgrade.

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scott1821808d ago

They need a good price drop on the PS3, those things will fly of the shelves again.

Ashlen1808d ago

I don't think PS3's sales are below expectations at all. This article is not using numbers or facts to back this statement up.

Basically Sony said they were going to sell 15 million PS4's and PS3's combined. But today they raised there sales expectations for PS4 with out specifically saying they were raising total combined sales.

So that's how the article came to this conclusion.

But if you actually look at the numbers PS3 sales have not slipped if anything they have been boosted in the recent months.

dedicatedtogamers1808d ago

PS3 has needed a price-cut for a while. Cut it down to $250 at E3 this year, and then cut it down to $200 same time next year.

All three 7th gen platforms are great consoles to pick up if you've never played one before. Once PS3 gets down to that $200 price range I'll likely pick up another one.

Ashlen1808d ago

It is $250 and it comes bundled with a game. You can also buy the 12 gb for $215

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Muffins12231808d ago

Well they announced that they would be streaming ps3 games to tablets and tvs later,so whats the point in even buying a ps3 now :|
They should of waiting to announce the streaming feature until later cause that would effect my sale if i wanted a ps3.

Kivespussi1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I don't think PS Now could affect that much. It's only streaming anyway so it's better to have the game and console for yourself.

I think the main reason why PS3 is not selling that well is because of people who sell their PS3s. So when PS4 came you could get cheap PS3's used that are in great condition.

But you know... Just my thoughts. I could be completely wrong too.

Muffins12231808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Well if its just streaming is enough to play games like the last of us,I can tell you its enough to affect my buy. Why in the hell would i put down more than 200$+ when i could get it on my tv.

jacksjus1808d ago

3D BluRay capability that's why. Lol!

Bathyj1808d ago

ps3 needs a pricecut. its too close in price to a PS4.

Oh_Yeah1808d ago

Yeah....I got my 160 gb ps3 slim 3 years ago at a pawnshop for 150. Came with og box/ controller and the user only played one game according to the trophy history, no scuffs dust anything. Basically brand new. And the firmware was on 3.55 ; ) what a steal, and they're trying to charge 200 for a 12gb? Get out of here, it should be no more than 120.

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