Flappy Bird is the ultimate mobile game ripoff

Flappy Bird is almost a complete ripoff of a 2011 iOS game called Piou Piou vs. Cactus.

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OctodaddyIssues1768d ago

and piou piou is slightly less of a rip off of helicopter.


original art is just a matter of hiding the sources ;)

DanielGearSolid1767d ago

Helicopter is fuuuuuuuuunnnn

FamilyGuy1767d ago

Oh gawd NO!

>.> score 304 :(

It gets harder when you go farther.

pat_11_51768d ago

Yup, I mention that in the first paragraph. Piou Piou is a much more blatant ripoff though.

1768d ago
Rockefellow1768d ago

That's a ripoff of another game which is a ripoff of ANOTHER game and so on and so forth... The same argument has been applied to mega franchises like Angry Birds, to no real avail.

The fact that art assets are so blatantly ripped from famous games is something that surprises me, above all else. Well, aside from the fact that this horribly programmed garbage-tier game is receiving such a huge surge of undeserved popularity, that is. I really hope the creator finds himself in legal trouble soon.

bobsmith1767d ago

ultimate rip off of the first one not being as super succesful
tons of complete rip offs of super succesful games like fruit ninja and minecraft

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The story is too old to be commented.