The Order: 1886 Will Have 4x AA, Undecided between 1920x800 and 1920x1080; No Multiplayer Expained

Ready at Dawn founder Andrea Pessino explained today that the Massively anticipated The Order: 1886 will run with 4x Antialiasing, but the developer still hasn’t decided on the final resolution. He also explained why the game won't have a multiplayer feature.


Updated with further relevant information.

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cbuc11251713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Im not really sure why they couldnt just target both 1080 and MSAA here. Isnt there enough power? Can someone shed some light on this?

Edit: Someone thats not a troll.

Abriael1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

4x MSAA is a pretty beefy option in terms of performance, considering the specs of a PS4 compared to a PC, it's at least a 10 fps loss at 1080p compared to 2x

GarrusVakarian1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Wow, i don't know the res wasn't set in stone yet. I would much prefer fullscreen 1080p with less AA (i think i might be in the minority there), i always crop movies and TV shows to full screen to get rid of black bars. But 1920x800 with 4xAA would result in a ridiculously crisp image.

"better to do one thing well than a whole bunch half-assed. : ) We are trying to make a SP experience you will enjoy."


@I Am Batman

My bad, i don't crop it i press A on my keyboard, with VLC media player the A key changes the aspect ratio without cutting parts of the image off, that happens if you press the C key and crop the image. I should have clarified. I tested it by looking at a certain thing near the edge of the screen, when i pressed C to crop the image the thing disappeared off the screen but when i pressed A it was still there, but the image was fullscreen.

I_am_Batman1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


"i always crop movies and TV shows to full screen to get rid of black bars."

I hate when people do this. You're not only getting rid of the black bars but also of a part of the picture (which results in a worse resolution upscaled to full screen). I never understood why people hate the black bars so much honestly. I don't even see them.

ABizzel11713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


I suspect they're waiting to see how people react to the reveal before determining if it should be 1080 or 800. If positive or no one really cares or says anything it stays 800, if people don't like it it's 1080 probably FXAA or whatever Sony's been using (basically MSAA + FXAA hybrid).

Angels37851713d ago Show
FamilyGuy1713d ago

"Not set in stone yet, but we do run 4xMSAA which looks spectacular! x800 with AA looks MUCH better than x1080 without : )"

I'll take that better looking version then please, thanks.

I hope they don't cave in to the 1920x1080 demand and lose part of their vision of making it feel more like a film.
It'd be cool if any console game gave us resolution, AA and framerate options, that's the only way everyone could be pleased. I wonder if any devs will go that route this gen?

I_am_Batman1713d ago

@Lukas: Well you either cut part of the picture off or you distort it when you get from black bars to fullscreen. I personally prefer to leave any media in it's source ratio to get the best quality possible.

@ABizzel1 & Angels3785: I'd actually prefer the 2.4:1 ratio for this specific game. I like the idea of having a cinematic ratio on a story driven single player game like the Order: 1886.

Bathyj1713d ago

You change the aspect ratio?
God, that's even worse than cropping. I hate when some people do that on their tv's and they aren't even aware of it. The 4:3 picture stretch to a 16:9 is the main culprit. I'd rather have the side bars, you only notice them for a minute where as a stretched.picture annoys me the whole time.

starchild1713d ago

4x MSAA is pretty impressive. It takes a fair amount of grunt.

Oh_Yeah1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Screw the higher taxing aa. It barley makes a difference, atleast to my eyes when playing on pc and in some cases that higher taxing aa makes the whole overall picture softer, which degrades clarity. It's NEVER worth it to go with higher performing aa to drop Frames per second, fps should be top priority, 60 fps over 30 is a pretty big difference and is noticeable, both within graphics and gameplay.

AndrewLB1713d ago

Running 4xMSAA takes a much larger performance hit than 10fps. check out these benchmarks and look for the HD 7850, which due to it's higher clock speed than the PS4s GPU, it's a perfect performance match.

1920x1200 ultra quality 4xMSAA - 26fps

4xMSAA or 4x Multisample anti-aliasing is a technique where the image is rendered 4 times larger than your display resolution, then downsampled to fit your display. so if you want to display @ 1080p, your gpu internally renders the scene at 4k resolution, then reduces it down to 1080p. this greatly increases image quality, reduces jagged edges, and doesn't blur the image like FXAA.

the downside is that MSAA takes a TON of processing power to accomplish.

Oldman1001713d ago

If they say that 1080p no AA uses up less resources than 800p 4xMSAA, then why don't they just go 1080p with a much cheaper post process AA solution like SMAA or FXAA? Image quality and coverage is quite good even though the latter is known to cause a bit of blurring. Take a look at COD Ghosts on PS4 as an example.

memots1713d ago

This whole 1080p / 30/60 fps is getting way outplay.

I want 1080p but i do not care for 60 vs 30 fps.

98% of games from ps3/x360 gen were 30fps and no one was fn crying about it all over the web. All of as sudden this is a must?

Its like a 6 year old who just learned a new word and keeps repeating it out of context. Well a bunch of kids just learned the difference between 30 and 60 and still don't understand the fundamental difference or need for it and still cry about it.

Seriously the last of us / journey , Halo all did not need more than 30 fps . you think i will write off Halo or possibly Tlou2 because they are 30fps ? Hell no and i wish people would stop acting like they suddenly become lesser game because of it.

This whole topic is starting to really piss me off.

alexkoepp1713d ago Show
UltimateMaster1713d ago

Why not offer options, configurations?

minimur121713d ago

lol if it's 1920x800 I'll just adjust my TV so it looks like it's 1920x1080

I made a frame of 1080 on photoshop and input a picture of 1920x800 and it looks really weird

CartBlanche1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

True 4xMSAA is quite expensive, but last gen lots of PS3 game were getting very good AA results using FXAA( and variant of that algorithm. It is less expensive than 4xMSAA and sometimes give better results. So wonder why they didn't go with that.


mewhy321712d ago

if they do 1080p then im not sure that they need the 4x msaa. If the 4xmsaa is keeping us from getting 1080p 60fps then I say tone that down to maybe 2x or even go with FXAA. However, I'm sure that it's going to look and be amazing when it releases no matter which way it goes. Being able to push the PS4 to it's limits without having to worry about parity for lesser platforms really lets the devs turn it up.

PLASTICA-MAN1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Or they simply could make us choose between the full screen 1920 x 1080 option and the 1920 x 800 option with black bars since they output yhe sale pixel density. Silent Hill games and Left4dead games makes us choose to either play with or remove the grainy movie filter (which I hate btw). I think thi is the best solution and they can do it , Guerilla Games updated Shadow Fall with the option to lock the game at 30 FPS and you are free to choose whatver you like. Personally I prefer it to be an option and I will choose which one suits me the most (maybe play the game without bars for the first time then play it in a cinematic way with black bars in front of someone or when streaming just to show off).

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Ultr1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I thought that they want to put in those black pannels at the bottom and head so it looks more cinematic (like in cinema/dvd/blu-ray) those would make the difference in solution. Still full hd though.
Looks like they haven't decided yet

Eonjay1713d ago

I'm not really sure what I would prefer.

madduey1713d ago

Seeing as I probably would've completed installing my 2:35 ratio projector screen by the time this game comes out, I welcome it gladly!! :)

Tiechie1713d ago

Why not just release 2 game play trailers showing both, and let us vote on it.


It's not Full HD lol. 1920x1080 (1080p) is full HD. 1920x800 is a black box frame upper and lower like some movies you watch in a 16:9 format. It's more close to 900p which is 1600x900 as far as quality goes. I think they need to stick with 1080p with 2xMSAA would be plenty! Forza 5 runs native 1080p with No MSAA and you can tell a little when looking at edges from a distance so I think 2x would be suitable without loosing more than 10fps.

imt5581713d ago


I will copy/paste from other topic :

Let me explain to you,( and for others ( refers to Xboners with butthurts ) ).

Game is IN FULL HD, but in 2.40 : 1 ratio. So, there is NO UPSCALE, field of view IS WIDER than u 16 : 9 ratio, pixel density is 1 : 1. Black bars ARE THE PART of 1080p, but the bars are inactive pixels vertical, but the image GOES WIDER in horizontal.

Or, in that case, if you don't mind : 1920x800>>>>>&a mp;g t;1600x900

But check this ( and others ) :

starchild1713d ago

Of course it requires no upscaling, there are black bars covering the rest of the screen. But that still doesn't change the fact that it is actually rendering fewer pixels.

rainslacker1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

They did this in Beyond: Two Souls and I didn't even notice until near the end. Might depend on the TV though, as mine can have really black blacks for the "bars".

It would be more panoramic, and isn't related to the whole resolution debates that have been going on to date between the consoles. The actual picture that is displayed would be in full HD, there would just have less of that picture to display, similar to when watching a movie from Blu-Ray.

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yewles11713d ago

RaD originally wanted the game to be a cinematic experience (i.e.: QD games but with much more shooting and more general gameplay), thus they wanted a cinematic display by having a 21x9 resolution of 1920x800, but too many people couldn't appreciate their artistic vision, so now they're indecisive ATM.

mmc-0071713d ago

true, funny how people always cry that developers aren't creative anymore. So when things like this pop up they want the old same thing again.

Agent20091713d ago

They should give us an option.

Edsword1713d ago

I just think that for gaming, the more screen area the better. It would be cool if they would just give the option, then the gamer can decide. I know too much choice is a slippery slope, but just say to gamers, this is how we envisioned it, but if you prefer full 1080p, here's an option for that. If the 280 additional lines impact performance too much, then they can just change the type of AA being used. So do you prefer better AA and a more cinematic approach or slightly worse AA but 1080p. Either way the AA needed shouldn't be much as the game would still render I your TVs native res.

webeblazing1713d ago

what console gamers dont like options. havent you notice them saying it and bashing gamers in all the pc articles. they say they just want to play the games. when you have ton of fanboys speaking non sense just to look bigger publishers will continue limit your options.

rainslacker1713d ago

From my experience from games and movies that do this, it isn't noticeable as you're actually playing or watching. They just kind of blend into the background. However, I do know there are people that obsess over the black bars.

The whole art direction and framing would be made to fit into the given space, so there is no real hit to game play.

In general, for games I prefer full screen, but it's not the end of the world.

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Cryptcuzz1713d ago

It is there first game on the PS4.
As devs get more familiarized with development on the PS4, game engine improves, more time, better drivers, etc. I believe they would be able to do just that and more.

Just look at how development for every system that's ever been released so far, including PC. A devs first game, no matter how impressive at the time, usually looks and plays better then the one they made before.

So with a talented dev like Ready at Dawn able to produce something so visually impressive months after PS4 has been released, imagine their 2nd and third game on the PS4 two to three years from now.

I can't wait for more info to be revealed and the gameplay trailer for this game later on this month.



MSAA is for resolution AA, the higher the resolution native, the less MSAA you need since evything appears more smooth where a 720p or 900p native image buffer would need more MSAA like 4X for 720p or 2x for 900p, etc. The PS4 is powerful, but It's not a High End Gaming PC, just a little more powerful than Xbox One to display the same graphics as X1 mostly, but at a higher native res and frame rate.

Edsword1713d ago

Since the game is 1920x900 though, it is still at the native 1080 resolution except without 280 lines on screen. So the AA would have the same effect on the imagine no matter what they decide if they keep 4 MSAA.

windblowsagain1713d ago

More or less twice the power of x1.

Gigapixel throughput

xboxone 13.1
PS4 25.6

For reference,

PS3, 360. Both 4.4. But PS3 offloaded graphical tasks to cell, so GPU could produce finer visuals. Uncharted 2,3,TLOU, GOW. Nothing on 360 comes close.

Edsword1713d ago

Whoa, why the disagrees? If the image is 1920x900 it is still 1:1 with a 1080p display, it's just cutting out some of the image. So 4x MSAA would have the same effect on the image if it is 1920x900 or 1920x1080. I'm not sure if I was just misunderstood or if people are disagreeing with facts.

GribbleGrunger1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Look at a 1st generation game on the PS2 and then look at a last generation game on the PS2. Look at a 1st generation game on the PS3 and then look at a last generation game on the PS3. Now look at The Order, a 1st generation game on the PS4.

Lior1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Its a modified AMD 7950 stop saying its so powerful jesus christ

starchild1713d ago

No, actually the PS4's GPU has 18 compute units (1152 shaders), while the HD 7950 has 28 compute units (1792 Stream Processors). The PS4's GPU is also clocked lower at 800MHz.

The HD 7950 has 2.87 TFLOPS of performance, while the PS4's GPU has 1.84 TFLOPS.

The PS4's GPU has 176GB/s of memory bandwidth vs the 240GB/s of memory bandwidth the HD 7950 has.

The HD 7950 is a lot more powerful than the PS4's GPU.

The PS4's GPU and XB1's GPU are actually closer in performance than the PS4's GPU is to the HD 7950.

The Xbox One GPU has 12 compute units (768 shader processors), while the PS4 has 18 CUs (1152 shaders) and the HD 7950 has 28 compute units (1792 Stream Processors).

This should kind of help put things in perspective.

webeblazing1713d ago

nowhere close to hd7950. i get what you mean though i games do seem fun but nothing has blow me away yet

Neonridr1712d ago

The 7870 is more powerful than the PS4 GPU. It's closer to a modified 7850 if anything.

sinspirit1713d ago

Personally, I don't like anti-aliasing unless the resolution is low. I like jaggies IF the resolution is crisp and sharp. I think full 1080p is the better option. The letterbox means less to see and the UI taking up more of the main scene.

whybag1713d ago

Like jaggies? Can't tell if serious or...

sinspirit1713d ago


Read. IF the resolution is sharp. If it's low resolution it obviously looks terrible. Anti-aliasing is meant for lower resolutions. Higher resolutions it has far less of a noticeable difference. The higher the resolution the lower the difference AA makes. If my resolution is already high enough for a smooth image then there is little point, in my opinion, for anti-aliasing.

Furthermore, I started the message off with "Personally", inferring it was my personal opinion and I spoke of why that is and why I would rather have 1920x1080 over 1920x800. There is less on screen, obviously, but that also means the UI would be less conveniently placed when with 1080p it would be at the direct bottom of the screen and not just at the bottom of the displayed image with a black bar underneath. It's not like the game would be ruined at all by this. It is simply a preference for me.

KevinCubes1713d ago

Yea your right I smell something fishy here
*scratches head with WiiU gamepad*

quaneylfc1713d ago

That's more pc territory. Before I pre ordered the consoles I thought the new consoles would focus on anti aliasing over resolution. An anti aliased 720p game world look better than an 'aliased' 1080p game.

assdan1713d ago

MSAA gets harder to run as power goes up... The PS4 is strong, but it's not magical. This game is going to have amazing graphics either way. I really was hoping for CO-OP though.

BallsEye1713d ago

So now we make news about how much AA game will have? Sad what matters now for most gamers around here. You want just graphics? Go on PC =.=

Tzuno1712d ago

oh the mighty ps4 is not so tough after all. enjoy your laptop.

1712d ago
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Abriael1713d ago

That's not Ready at Dawn's responsibility.

Eonjay1713d ago

Not sure what you mean by that. Whose responsibility is it?

Abriael1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

@Eonjay: Sony's. Normally the release of trailers/screenshots/whatever is always a decision of Sony's marketing division. The single developers have little or no input on when's the right time.

In this case Sony imposed an embargo on the info til the 18th to allow all journalists to prepare their content in time, and to give time to American journalists to see it as well (they will on the 10th), and you can be pretty sure there won't be more willing leaks. I heard the german website that leaked that interview yesterday isn't very happy they did.

Destrania1713d ago

That's probably also why we haven't seen Driveclub for a time. Isn't there a Destination Playstation event on the 24th this month? The Order:1886 will be astonishing, I have no doubts as long as the developers ignore stupid people who have no idea what they're talking about. Hyped!

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UbiquitousClam1713d ago

come on internet! Do your thing and leak some gameplay!

CrossingEden1713d ago

Even the witcher 3 got it's gameplay leaked this is ridiculous.

Cryptcuzz1713d ago

Ridiculous because they felt it is not the time to reveal such info to the public, thus trying their best not to have leaks as to spoil their reveal?

That is ridiculous alright /s

DeadlyFire1713d ago

coming before march I believe

Fishy Fingers1713d ago

Come on, it's perfect for co-op at the least.

IIC0mPLeXII1713d ago

Doesn't need it, stop asking devs to ruin games with tacked on anti used games deterrence.

Fishy Fingers1713d ago

Yeah, same old tune I know. This 4 character squad set up with Gears of War style gameplay certainly doesn't "need it". Lends itself to the idea though don't you think?

It's ok to be objective.

Drekken1713d ago

I'm with you Fishy. Co-op or your a rental. There are too many games to buy that have longevity. I can't spend full price for a single player game anymore. Infamous may be an exception to that rule.

karl1713d ago

although i agree with the co op request..

how can u say that?

this game could be much better than infamous.. there is no way to tell at this point..

and honestly MP is way cheaper for devs to make than a full 8+ hours campaign ...

talking about longevity u can always return your game after u are done but i just want to state that many devs are building shorter and shorter campaigns and adding MP to games that dont need it cuz thats cheaper than proper campaign

i fear the day full price MP only games start being released

IIC0mPLeXII1713d ago

So bioshock and last of us are a rental. Not to mention gone home and don't starve.

Modern gamer logic in its greatest form.