Tomb Raider: quality graphics comparison between old-gen, next-gen and PC

"As we will see later in the article, though, Tomb Raider on Xbox and PS4 One is not superior to the PC version, indeed."

"The increased processing capacity available on PC, it allows you to Crystal Dynamics have on this platform environments even more dense and detailed textures. "

"The PC, however, refers to the best effect of tessellation and for the presence of texture in higher resolution. But it also allows you to enable anti-aliasing filters of much higher quality than their counterparts present on the console, as SSAA (super-sampling anti-aliasing), as well as 4K resolution."

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GDDR6_20143821d ago

pC wins even without the Definitive Edition changes lol

afterMoth3821d ago

Xbox One's 18fps is the most "classic cinematic" version.

starchild3821d ago

Indeed. Imagine if the PC version gets the Definitive Version's changes...


The Xbox One version doesn't drop to 18fps. Read the Digital Foundry article, it only ever dropped to 24fps and that was brief. The Xbox One version is very stable with an average of 29.84fps.

TH3BR3W3821d ago

Next up on N4G we find out that grass is actually green!


This is one of those 'duh' articles that seem to be flooding N4G. Getting kind of sad. Of course PC is going to look greater because it has greater GPU technology readily available to surpass the next gen systems. Get the game no matter what system you have. It's a very well made remake and is worth the play time.

Neonridr3821d ago

I missed it on the 360, so I am thinking about picking it up for the PS4.

Agent20093821d ago

I don't think it's one of those "grass is green" articles. People are still scratching their heads over which version looks better - PC or Definitive.

cbuc11253821d ago

No one cares. This isnt going to make me go out and buy a $2000 PC. Call me when the PC can play Uncharted or God of War. Thank you , come again. :)

Corpser3821d ago

Like You need a $2000 pc to play tomb raider that look better than the ps4 version, hey that $2000 pc can almost play this game in 4k!

SteamPowered3821d ago

Lol! 2 grand?! That's a hell of a rig bud.

thezeldadoth3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

i spent $600 in 2011 on the PC i used to play this on ultra with 60fps

quit spreading this $2000 PC myth

Major_Glitch3821d ago

Lol. $600 is still more then I'd want to spend on a pc. I could buy a PS4 and three games for that amount.

kevnb3821d ago

If I had to choose, I would pick the pc

TheMadHatter3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Lol $600 pc in 2011 for Tomb Raider at 60 fps ultra? That is pure BS because Tomb Raider is a pretty graphic-intense game. I have a $1000 PC built in 2012 that's pretty powerful and even that struggles to get ultra at 60 fps. I'd rather buy a console than a $600 PC especially since the consoles will also get the better optimisation.

starchild3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Yeah and on the PS4 version you also get lots of stutter due to the fluctuating frame-rate.

Frame-rates need to be capped at either 30fps or 60fps in order to produce even frame intervals and avoid stuttering. Frame-rates between 30fps and 60fps will always produce judder/stutter due to lots of duplicate frames.

Personally, I would never pick a version with stutter. It would be like having choppiness or lines going across the screen in my HD movies.

People don't put up with that kind of crap in their movies, I don't know why they do with their games. You actually PLAY games which makes frame-rate even more important. Likewise, good image quality is equally critical for games as for movies. Games are works of art to me and they deserve to be displayed with the highest fidelity possible.

thezeldadoth3821d ago

@themadhatter perhaps you don't know how to pick your parts and get deals. you can believe i'm lying all you want but the fact still remains

Trekster_Gamer3821d ago

Thezelda.. You are the PC fanboy spreading the myth!

Mariusmssj3820d ago

I must agree with posts above.
TheMadHatter if you paid $1000 to build a PC in 2012 and you couldn't max out Tomb Raider you didn't do it right.

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kingduqc3821d ago

The 2000$ pc myth strike again.

A PC for 500$ will offer you exactly what a console offer you but it's more flexible in every way, it's upgradable and it offer way more features gaming wise and multimedia wise.

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OsirisBlack3821d ago

I am a PC gamer myself but am really sick of the PC gaming lies. I can play this game at 2k on ultra but I only get around 30fps and my rig costs a lot more than $600 my wifes PC which costs around $500 even with her gpu HD7790 cannot get 60fps with this on ultra. Please stop lying to those that are uninformed.

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Sonic1881151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I do agree that Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness was the worse one 😂 I remember playing some of it and I took it back. That game was just awful in every way. I bought it used at gamestop and glad they had that 7 day return policy for used games 😂

Pyrofire95151d ago

Would it be worth saying why?

ZeekQuattro151d ago

Simple. He's been hating on the Tomb Raider reboots for years. I can't imagine seeing them at the top of a best TR game list let alone being on the list in general sitting well with him because of it.

-Foxtrot151d ago



No no, just pointing out how TR mutated into a generic action adventure game losing the appeal of what it once was when it was more about puzzles and platforming over going Rambo, slaughtering waves of enemies

But hey, continue being a dick and speaking about me like I’m not going to see the comment.

MeatyUrologist150d ago

Foxtrot, I'm curious if you have played the most recent games. Sure the 2013 reboot was hugely focused on combat, but each follow up became less and less about combat to the point where outside of a few large scale story missions I don't even remember combat being a part of shadow of the tomb raider. Shadow was so puzzle focused it actually was a bit much for me and I love the TR puzzles.

I still feel like Rise was the best of the series and I was a huge fan of the originals. To me it struck the perfect balance of exploration, platforming, puzzles, and combat. Not saying your opinion is wrong I'm just curious what you think they should have done different. Games do need to evolve somewhat to stay relevant. Would you prefer small linear jumping platform levels like the original?