Sexiest Outfits of 2013

2013 marked and amazing year in gaming with console releases and games galore. This year was one of the most significant with the endless announcements and hope instilled into each and every gamer. With that being said, one thing gaming has always been notorious for… other than violence…. are attractive female characters in stunning attire. The women in gaming have always been those of great looks and sexy outfits. In 2013, with all the hustle and bustle, somehow gaming still had it in them to dress their video game ladies in some remarkably sexy outfits. Out of all the great game releases which titles held ladies with the hottest of hot outfits?

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TheSuperior 1714d ago

Personally out of the Injustice Ladies i would give it to Harley Quinn. Shes not only got it going on but if your into cons shes inspired so many cosplayers to dress like her. She is the most overdone cosplay by a long shot and she is a good looking character

evilkillerk1714d ago

is there no sexy guy outfits?

TheSuperior 1714d ago

Lol men are sexy but Im not sure if a large portion of a gaming audience would want to read about hunks. I mean EVERY game has a sexy guy in it. Personally Nathan Drake is far from my taste tho, I'm more of a Marcus Fenix or Jonny Gat type of person

Link2DaFutcha1714d ago

Hands down sexiest was Lily in Wolf Among Us, gotta love me some big troll lovin'

Hicken1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

That stupid bikini girl from GTA makes another list. I would have easily placed Milla from Tales of Xillia there, but no, let's add random girl in a bikini instead.