Despite Strong PS4 Sales Numbers, Is Sony in Trouble?

Sony's (NYSE: SNE ) PlayStation 4 console was a major hit this past holiday season, with units disappearing from store shelves amid fierce competition with Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT ) Xbox One. Both consoles reported more than 1 million sales within their first 24 hours, but the PlayStation 4 managed to do so in a single territory (as compared to the 13 territories that the Xbox One released to initially).

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fonger082783d ago

They just did post a profit over the holiday season. However, it looks like their financial year ending March is not looking good due to some major restructuring charges (looking at billion $ loss). It looks like they finally got some momentum back in their TV sales too. They finally sold off their PC division, that will help them cut some major dead weight in which hopefully they allocate to either profitable divisions.

chrissx2783d ago

Their gaming division aint in trouble,that's for sure

Bdub20002783d ago

But the Big picture is that Sony is in a little trouble, and if Sony goes down, their won't be a gaming division. The ps4 won't save Sony alone. Though it will help. I am a huge Sony fan, and I hope things don't go south for them, and I can't wait to get my hands on a ps4 when the time comes.

MachineGunnTalk2783d ago

Sony has been killin xbox one lately , but MS is starting to step up, first with those two new updates to come, then titanfall? more come obviously

Meltic2783d ago

release more games. More games = more people buy ps4

WeAreLegion2783d ago

A little, but not enough to bankrupt the company or anything. They'll be fine if they focus resources in the right areas and adapt to the changing electronics industry.

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The story is too old to be commented.