The Don’t Starve Diaries – Day 1: 29.9 Days of Night

Taken from IM PLAYIN

Based on the game Don't Starve, here are the fiction diaries from one of the main protagonists.

"My name is Wilson, and I am a scientist cast in to a strange, unknown world after an experiment gone awry. The experiment … how long ago that seems to be. It was going so well. I thought I had it perfectly calculated, no, I KNOW that I had it perfectly calculated. I must have been right. Hours and hours of work went in to it. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that radio voice. “Looks like you’re having some trouble!”, oh yes, having some trouble. If only he knew how much trouble I’m in now, no thanks to him! I am writing to you, the reader whom must of come across my dairy within this wretched world. For all I see is darkness, darkness surrounds me, engulfs my very soul. If it wasn’t for the campfire before me, I would be dead. I was a scientist once, although it feels like another time, another place, another world."

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