A cornered beast will fight: Why you shouldn’t underestimate Nintendo


My issue with the media and the community– is how quickly they are willing to write off the Wii U and Nintendo in general. Excuse me for my lack of better words – but yes, Nintendo greatly screwed up the Wii U’s fist year in the market – there are no ways to put a positive spin on it. It was an accumulation of mistake after the mistake that ultimately lead to the snail pail momentum of this fantastic console. However, let’s not go crazy here by calling this the death of Nintendo, that suddenly Nintendo has become irrelevant in the industry or suggest insanely stupid moves like becoming a software only company or ditching the Wii U entirely for a console that can compete with the PS4/One (spec wise).

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Gazondaily3288d ago

But will it fight itself out of the corner or put up a fight until it bleeds to death in that very corner?

Yep3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

That sounds more like Sony than Nintendo.

Putting up a fight with it's gaming division, but it's not enough to keep them from incurring losses. Nintendo, on the other hand, did make a profit.

Riderz13373287d ago

Sony made a profit this quarter, specifically due to their gaming divison.

Also, Sony's game division had a higher profit than Nintendo's game divison.

So, your argument is invalid.

3287d ago
light693287d ago

but it did make a profit.... so how is his argument invalid troll

torchic3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


$1.1bn loss is the expected for FY2013, while they made an operating profit for Q32013.

not understanding economics is perfectly acceptable however no excuses can be made for incorrect reading.

lol @ disagrees love when facts get voted down.

3287d ago
Riderz13373287d ago

@Human - Fiscal year = loss
Last quarter = profit

I said they profited in the quarter, so why the hell are you showing me fiscal year?

BitbyDeath3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"Sony just announced its financial results for the quarter ended on December 31st, 2013, and as opposed to what many expected they actually are in the black."

Riderz is right. Yes they lost money over the fiscal year but if you were to just look at the 3rd quarter (the latest quarter) they made a profit. Now let's see if they can keep profiting in the next quarter as well.

On topic: Nintendo needs to make some changes, at the moment they seem to be doing nothing of great impact thus far. Hopefully they will soon unleash. No Nintendo in gaming will be a sad day for gaming.

Gemmol3287d ago

The guy is right if you look at the article he posted, and put away the sony eyes the article say "Sony is now heading for its fifth net loss within six years. The profit recorded in the year ended March 2013, Hirai's first in charge, was helped by the sale of two landmark properties in New York and Tokyo." so it seems the only reason they made profit was from selling those buildings, if they did not the losses would be higher. I guess you have to give Nintendo props although it seems they doing bad because of bad press they never let anyone go and still bought new buildings, so it seems they really got some big cash. I wonder if they can let me borrow some.

torchic3287d ago

FY2013 means the freaking financial year! Sony expect a $1,1bn loss for the financial year, however recorded a profit for the quarter! you implied that the $1.1bn loss is for Q32013 while it was actually for FY2013!

omg wow so many dumb dumbs! you ought to be ashamed of yourself @humanafterall might as well delete your account!

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Thatguy-3103287d ago

It's funny how people bring up the whole company where this is only talking gaming related. Yea Sony is doing bad as a whole but we're on a gaming site where we're looking at the gaming division for each of the company. Wii U is doing bad, Vita is doing bad, PS4 is obliterating the console competition. That simple. No reason to bring in other factors to justify your reasoning.

Realplaya3287d ago

You bring up the Wii U when the 3ds is killing it.
The PS3 just started getting money and the PS4 is ok for now. But yep if Nintendo the company is in trouble then Sony as a company is in big doodoo.

RackLug3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

1080p COD is not gonna do it either, the other big 2 are doing nothin spectacular the ps4 has not even a proper race game out yet.

solidsheep3287d ago

Then what are they doing better then Nintendo? They are gonna pass WiiU in less then a year. They must be doing something right that Nintendo isn't.

BoneBone3287d ago

A dudebro and his money are soon parted.

thezeldadoth3287d ago

suddenly high sales mean you're making good products? I guess you love COD and Apple

solidsheep3287d ago

A "dudebro" is no less a gamer then you, or any other on this site that calls them selves a hardcore gamer.

Video games are just form of entertainment. Quit acting like your some hot sh*t because you choose to hate on COD or other mainstream games.

solidsheep3287d ago


Just because I put effort into making an informed decision when it comes tech, cars, movies and other aspects of life. Does not entitle me to belittle other people and their decisions.

If people wanna like COD and Apple products who are we to tell them what they should like.

wonderfulmonkeyman3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

They're riding off of launch hype and blowing the difference in system specs way out of proportion.
All that power, and we haven't seen anything that plays in truly brand-new ways.
Better graphics. That's pretty much Sony's pitch, and it just so happens that that's a popular choice amongst most console gamers right now, so it sells well.
Launch hype won't last forever with a system that's $400+.[the + is due to PS+ subscription and an extra game or two, on top of taxes, an extended warrantee[which you'll want due to all the issues it seems to be having] a Vita for off-TV play and other stuff. It's more expensive than you think.]

solidsheep3287d ago

I'm not here to judge a penis measuring contest between Ps4 and Xbox1. They are both great systems that are gonna do just fine.

I just wanted have open discussion on how Nintendo could better their console.

madjedi3287d ago

@solid It was a nice try, but having an open discussion on n4g is likely impossible, especially when fans are backed into a corner.

Lol at nintendo being a cornered beast, they are nearly 8 yrs behind on many standard gaming features/trends.

Why should sony or ms be afraid to "fight" nintendo, they lack third party titles and are obsessed with relying upon nostalgia of old characters to sell system.

So if the xbone and ps4 are selling solely of the hype and better graphics, why is the wii u that has a yrs worth of library build up still selling like shit.

I do love the bullshit from elitism nintendo fans, if cod @1080p Isn't going to cut it, why would Cranky Kong @720p be any better.

I have seen exactly 1 thing i would consider spectacular from nintendo, and that was the vaporware zelda tech demo from e3 2010.

As for everything else basically prettier wii games, so yes equally unspectacular output.

Right unfortunately nintendo is more like a cornered rabbit than a cornered bear or wolverine, so i wouldn't expect much fight if any.

BoneBone3287d ago

Dude, you just said dudebros' are people too, lol.

RackLug3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

They cant even run B4F at 1080p, 60FPS were will they be in 3 years?

My pc graphics card costs £70 used and BF4 wipes the floor with ps4 version running on it

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RPG_Lover3287d ago

Nintendo is doing better than sony and we still have to deal with this shitty article.

SteamPowered3287d ago

Nintendo is doing better overall and with the Handheld market, but straight up PS4 vs Wii U.....Playstation takes that one.

RPG_Lover3287d ago

So? 1 product doesnt make the company;

SteamPowered3287d ago

I wasn't saying One area equals domination of the market. I was just saying Nintendo and Sony are both doing well.

wonderfulmonkeyman3287d ago

Yeah, true, Sony's still riding the launch wave for better profits, but history should tell us that that won't last forever.
Plus, there's still all of the company's other branches slowly bleeding them out of profits...

If Sony were strictly gaming, I'd completely agree with people who say Sony is winning, but they've got some issues they need to either solve or cut ties with.

KonsoruMasuta3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I came here for the thumbnail. Lol, I laughed so hard. I can't look at it without chuckling.

On topic: I do agree with the article though.

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