Rumor: New PS3 firmware may fix GTA problems

In spite of a patch, many PS3 owners are reporting problems with Grand Theft Auto IV. While a number of solutions have been suggested, many are hoping for a better solution. According to one post on the PlayStation forums, a Take Two representative said the issue was "with the launch edition of the PS3" and that "the game was checked over and passed as 100% compatible with the current version of the PS3."

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TheExecutive3810d ago

they need to fix the MP now!

"Connection has been lost to one or more players, returning to single player"

If anyone has any idea of how to fix this please let me know.

TheHater3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

get a better connection?

I have yet to have my 60GB launch ps3 froze while playing GTA. So It much be just a select few that have the problem

LSDARBY3810d ago

Ive only played online once cus of this, i just cant connect without this message poppin up.

Varsarus3810d ago

I've had no problems playing online, it's really fun tbh :P

TheExecutive3810d ago

hey hater, so explain to me how every other MP works and I have no lag whatsoever? If I thought it was my connection I wouldnt have posted.

If you are going to respond to my comment, make it intelligent and useful, if not well move on.

prunchess3810d ago

I have a 60 gig euro launch model and have had no problems online ever!

PS360WII3810d ago

The 60 gig Euro PS3 doesn't have the chips that the Japan/US 60 gig has.

1stKnighT3810d ago

That's easy. Just get the 360 version. Problem fixed ;)

riksweeney3809d ago

360 version suffers from the same problem, it's just M$ won't acknowledge it.

1stKnighT3809d ago

If you want to believe that Rik than go ahead. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

TheExecutive3809d ago

well i dont have freezing issues. My game froze once during loading.

What i did was log off of the PSN and I could suddenly play the single player.

However, after I did this I logged back on and could play the Single Player but now i cannot play online :(

So, my game froze once and now my MP is acting up. However, my MP worked fine before the freeze...

season0073809d ago

i like how you call PS3's problems as truth and xbox360's as Riks..

o well, yea whatever, it all comes down to personal preference after all...

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nofilter3810d ago

Duplicate story, both of them. This was on the front page this morning... LOL.

cp683810d ago

Who are the idiots who approve news already posted?

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The story is too old to be commented.