PS3 Accepts Any Third-Party HDD.

According to the PlayStation 3's included Safety and Support manual, the system will accept any 2.5" Serial ATA hard disc drive, and not only officially licensed Sony products.

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DJ4450d ago

As far as I know you can save downloaded content from the Playstation network and transfer it wherever you want.

Retard4449d ago

Very awesome, I just hope warrentys are covered by it. D:?

rj814450d ago

Actually really, really cool. I wish my 360 could do that.

specialguest4450d ago

for about $91, you can get an 80gb hard drive, or 120gb for only $119 on ebay. this sure beats $100 for a measly 20gb hard drive.

Marty83704450d ago

Microsoft that's who.$99 for 20Gb.

BIadestarX4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

Relax, this is a great feature and I hope Microsoft takes notes on this since it can easly be done with a small update.
They are getting you in other ways, (i.e. memory sticks and blu-ray). So, I think both companies are doing the same thing. and they are both not in it for public service but to make money.
You can add your own USB HD to the 360 easly.

Mikey_Gee4449d ago

Fukn fanboys are so fast to jump on sh!t all the time.

Get over yourselves and enjoy your console or consoles.

And yeah .. this message is for BOTH camps !!

Boink4450d ago

you can use any drive for the 360 as well. MS just gets the extra $$$$ for those who are too stupid to search the internet.

but I do like this option, and don't like the way MS "tried" to make theirs proprietary.

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The story is too old to be commented.