‘Minecraft’ PS4 and PS3 Screenshot Comparison by 4J Studios

After taking time off of developing editions of Minecraft on next-generation consoles in order to focus their efforts on releasing the PS3 edition of the game late last year, 4J Studios is now back at work on versions of game on the Playstation 4 and comparing it to its PS3 counterpart.

CertifiedGamer3676d ago

Minecraft isn't known for its graphics so the comparison is useless.

grumpc3676d ago

This comparison was pretty rubbish anyway. They're not even stills it's a photo of two screens... and a slightly blurry photo as it is.

erathaol3675d ago

You're right because I can't figure out which is which.

I feel like the bottom is the PS4 because the colors look more vibrant, that could just be the area. Anyone know?

DeathOfTheFanBoy3675d ago

I actually think that Minecraft would lose part of it's charm if it had uber polished visuals, it's not meant to be pretty in that sort of way.

King-u-mad3675d ago

I can't agree with that because, I've played minecraft with realistic textures + shaders and realistic water. It is amazing with or without the visuals and wouldn't lose any piece of its charm.

Gamer19823675d ago

Agreed Minecraft isn't bought for graphics and the reason you buy an upgraded version (e.g. PS4) is for bigger worlds not better graphics. Even so Minecraft still should be played on PC if you love the series..

christian hour3675d ago

The purpose of the comparison isnt to compare graphics. There's a load of objects in the ps4 screen that aren't available in the console versions.

I'm hoping its identical to the PC version and updates just as often.

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PixelNinja3676d ago

Actually in terms of graphics, Minecraft can be a good benchmark.
It can be a very good game to test the render distance of your hardware.

MRMagoo1233676d ago

and also the ability of the console to hold fps when you put down 100 tnt to make a crater lol , when i was using a 660ti a while back lots of tnt would lag out my game like crazy till the explosions stopped then there was just a huge hole from no where lol.

LAWSON723676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

THat TNT problem is insane, me and some frineds filled this giant tower full of tnt and my screen was frozen for about 5 minutes

fr0sty3676d ago

Sounds like something that would make the CPU bog down more than the GPU.

MRMagoo1233676d ago


Thats my point its not just an indicator of graphics or anything its an overall good tester for a systems power, some ppl think because it looks basic it wont stress a system but it does , given enough tnt at once it can prob give any system a run for its money.

sinspirit3676d ago

It would be a better test if it weren't Java-based. Java is heavier and not near as efficient as regular code.

frostypants3676d ago

What sinspirit said. Minecraft is like a giant tribute to object oriented Java programming. It only runs as well as it does because of its relative simplicity, but try to screw with too many objects at once and...

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TheSaint3676d ago

Not any more, my PC isn't great and I can use the farthest render distance.

christian hour3675d ago

Get Optifine and see how it handles 32+ chunk render distance :P Mine can barely manage it but I put it on anyway for the epic vistas :D

Gamer19823675d ago

It runs on Java an ancient technology that benchmarks the WRONG things when you want to benchmark. It leaves valuable resources on your system begging to be used..

Ratty3675d ago

The performance issues with Java aren't because it's an old tech. It's because it runs a virtual machine.

gigoran3676d ago

I don't know why the idiots would disagree. Cross buy is a very valid point. I for one will not purchase the ps4 version because I already paid for the ps3 version.

Rockefellow3675d ago

They disagree because, while its something many have enjoyed thanks to efforts by other developers and their cross-buy games, it's not something that should be expected by any sense of the word. I'm not entitled to any new releases of a game just because I bought a former edition, even if some precedence has been established. You own the PS3 edition, which will not become useless after the PS4 edition launches.

Of course, Mojang should certainly be able to afford it, and at LEAST a discount for those who purchased the PS3 version would be a sign of good will, but it's not something they're required to do by any means.

hellzsupernova3675d ago

I doubt it but hopefully. And cross save and cross play or even tri buy, play etc lol
By tri I mean ps3, 4 and vita
And by cross play I mean play with your friends on ps3 or 4 or vita

Soldierone3675d ago

Holding off buying it for PS3 because I assume it won't be, or they would confirm it by now. Why not tell people now to boost sales?

If its not cross buy with the Vita, I'll cry, then just play via remote play lol

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CarnageXB3676d ago

It wasn't suppose to be a comparison. They just say that to cover what they are really showing. Both images show different new items. Lie carpet, trip wires, flower pots, quartz, ender chest, new wood type, and more.