1UP: Ten Reasons PS3 Will Not Repeat PS2's Success

Even though it's clear that Sony has a lot of the right ingredients for a repeat success of the PS2, a lot has changed over the past six years, particularly in terms of its competition. Here are 10 reasons why Sony could find itself unable to hold its leadership position with the PS3.

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power of Green 4449d ago

PS3's over rated like the PS2 but PS2 did have ton of games which most were a bounch of wacky garbage tittles.

InMyOpinion4449d ago

and DVD was already a proven format when it launched. I remember owning a Dreamcast with Shenmue, Sonic Adventure, Dead or alive 2 and a bunch of other games. Can't say I was jealous.

amrasmord4449d ago

yo this is so [email protected]: "...but it seemingly hasn't learned from its mistakes and isn't offering a unified gaming service. Microsoft is capitalizing on this." Sony has confirmed that they will have a unified login.
"The closest thing PS3 has to a killer app is Resistance. Which sucks, since all we want to do is play Gears of War." This guy has obviosly never played R:FOM cause that game rocks. If this guy works at 1up, I think he should get fired for not making an unbiased article and just for being stupid.

Deceased4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Gears owns RFOM, sony's service isn't unified, hence no online for tony hawk, rfom seperate online service, etc...... Unified login is not the same as unified service. PWNED and 100-200 dollars cheaper!!!

resistance vs gears click link below:

As you can see from the pics in the link RFOM got PWNED!!! The gears shot is atleast 5 time more detailed because of more memory.

power of Green 4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

The PS3 games look like PS2 games with less jaggies. I promise you PS3 games will never look better than top notch 360 tittles. 360 launch tittles look better than those PS3 pics.

WTF is that pale lack of color BULLSHIT MMAAANNNN!!!!!, Fucin $3500 1080p HDTV for this BS, no wonder Sony's harping on HDMI most consumers will be confused with the clearity of 1080p and the graphical capabilities of the PS3.

FirstknighT4448d ago

Have you played Resistance? How do u know this game rocks? Your saying "This guy has obviosly never played R:FOM cause that game rocks" So your saying you played it right??? HAHA...Think before you write.

DJ4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Is history repeating itself-

PS2 basically made DVD what it is today. It existed on the market for two years and hardly made a blip in terms of sales and penetration. Once the PS2 was released sales shot up dramatically and have been skyrocketing ever since; the fact that the system didn't require any add-ons to play or activate the functionality helped a lot too.

PS3 will do the same with Blu-ray, though Blu-ray's success depends on the HDTV market more than anything. The parallels with last generation are pretty eerie though. The comparison pics of the controller show how much bigger the DualShock/Sixaxis has become.

The 1up article however looks a bit outdated in its description of Sony's online network, which is unified, but simply gives developers the option of maintaining their own servers instead of being forced to adhere to Sony's internal network. Maybe it's a reference to the separate IM list in Resistance? There is a single login across all games though.

bung tickler4449d ago

ps2 DID NOT make DVD what it is, DVD made DVD what it is. It was already the only next gen format more people went out to buy standalone dvd players than ps2's this will not be the same with [email protected]

BIadestarX4449d ago

Ohh my! DJ, "PS2 basically made DVD what it is today." what's wrong with you! Come on! I don't know a single person that used the PS2 DVD player to watch movies! The PS2 DVD drive sucked for movies. People bought the PS2 because of the games and barely used the PS2 to watch movies. I know I never did.

FirstknighT4448d ago

"PS2 basically made DVD what it is today"

It's official...your are completely clueless!

12Volt4446d ago

Did you guys work at an electronics retail? DVD players were 150-200 at the time. The transition was very slow coming out of VHS.

You're going to tell me that the PS2 did not have an impact on DVD? You're an idiot to not think it. The whole reason to place bluRay inside the PS3 is get the same results that pushed DVD into stardom.

You're idiots to think the PS2 did not drive DVD sales SIGNIFICANTLY. I wouldn't say it made it what it is today, but at the time the electronic product that pushed sales the most was the PS2, and that means it helped a whole lot.

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