Inafune Has 'Unexpected' Plans for Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man and and founder of development studio Comcept, has plans to set Mighty No. 9, the studio's former Kickstarter project, apart from its spiritual predecessor.

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LackTrue4K3277d ago

will this be, "give back kick-starters money???" CUZ ITS BEEN MONTHS, and no real info on the game....?!?

Godmars2903277d ago

It wont be releasing, hopefully, until 4/2015. So that means a 14 month wait. If we're lucky.

ThatArtGuy3277d ago

You do realize it takes awhile to make a game, right? I'm going to assume you've never used Kickstarter before.

Heisenburger3277d ago

How... unexpected.

I am so glad they announced a PS4 version. ^_^

LackTrue4K3277d ago

"Mighty No. 9, TACO STAND!!"

Lord_Sloth3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Mmmmm...Buster Burritos...

Shinox3277d ago

I just hope making deals with Capcom isn't one of them

Akuma073277d ago

This is kinda lame.

I mean, it sounds like they are changing the games direction a little. After having a very successful kickstarter.

Isn't the main reason why the game was so successful because it was so similar to Megaman?

Talk about bait and switch.

dcj05243277d ago

I think he means that only the gameplay will be influenced by megaman but everything else will be original.

Mikefizzled3277d ago

TV spinoff is my guess. Don't know if I like the idea though.

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