Axios23792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

TitanFall scoring the big numbers again for a game 6 weeks out.

#1 with a bullet

GarrusVakarian3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Awesome numbers for Titanfall, i completely expected that. But im really surprised Infamous SS is doing that well, not because i think it's going to be a bad game but because it hasn't got the mass appeal of FPS's such as Destiny and Titanfall. Watchdogs is also surprising for the same reason. But for Infamous SS to be an exclusive open world game and have those numbers is really impressive.

Great numbers all round, this year is going to be great.

Ricegum3792d ago

Yeah, and a new fps game in the USA is always going to be tough to top, especially with the amount Microsoft love to market these things, but great to see Infamous:SS right behind it.

4Sh0w3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Preorders don't mean a whole lot, most gamers know even the most popular games are plentiful on launch day, there usually is no significant bonus for preorders and now with many people like myself enjoying all digital benefits it's hard to really interpret actual sales. Titanfall imo is best suited for a digital purchase with it being a always online multiplayer game anyway. "Xbox go to Titanfall" will be a a daily phrase for me and I don't have to ever load the game disc.

BX813791d ago

@ Lukas, I don't think you should be surprised at all. The past ones were received well and the next gen install base is being won by Sony right now. Also the next gen games are limited since it just started. All favor for good sales

trywizardo3791d ago

its like the only good exclusive to PS4 right now , so fans must buy it to show how great PS4 games can be
its a really awesome i haven't tried it but the graphics is good the fire effects looks great the only thing im worried about is the gameplay (throwing fire balls seems a bit boring)

Prime1573791d ago

I agree with the great numbers, but I have to say this... I hate myself for this... Sorry, everyone, but I must make a point.

Isn't vgchartz unreliable when you talk about about Sony leading? So why isn't this misleading...


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Eonjay3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Even more impressive is Destiny with over 400k next gen preorders alone with over half a year until release. 500k if you count 360. This game is going to be huge. Watch Dogs has similar number but Destiny is looking like the biggest game of the year.

Also, I think Titanfall is under-tracked because a large majority of the PC sales will be digital downloads. I predict at least 700k to 750k for Titanfall total week one on all platforms.

dantesparda3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Im sorry but f-Destiny, Watchdogs all the way! And f-Titanfall, 720p mediocre 6v6 AI bots unimpressive crap, sorry.

VENOMACR12273791d ago

Lol how can you get disagree's by stating facts from the article? Oh wait! I know how! POS4 trolls!

Anyways, TitanFall #1 preorder, #1 game to get if you own an Xbox of any type.

dantesparda3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

And POSone trolls sweating their POS Titanfall mediocre 6v6 720p unimpressive crap.

Gamer19823791d ago

How do you measure pre-orders and whats the point?? Only a small portion of people pre-order games.. Anyway on topic only 5k more people pre-ordered titanfall on xbone compared to destiny on ps4. Thats huge for sony considering destiny isn't a supposedly console selling exclusive..

Obscure_Observer3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Titanfall is shaping up to be a big Hit franchise on X1.

It's selling the double of PC and 360's versions combined. :)

dantesparda3788d ago

So let me get this straight, you people talk all this sh!t about EA and all this sh!t about COD and all this sh!t about Origin. Yet are excited about this mediocre 720p 6v6 AI bot infested POS?! Half you people are just straight up kids then, unbelievable. Why? the game doesnt even look that great. Most of you's are living in fantasy land

VENOMACR12273788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Sounds like someone needs a nap after that outburst because they can't have TitanFall on their PS4, boo hoo :(

cozomel3787d ago


Whats the matter, you mad bro? Cuz you seem bothered by his comment. And deep down you know he's right and thereby exposing your insecurities about Titanfall and its weak specs and the Xone and its weak specs

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christocolus3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

At this rate im guessing 300k+ pre-orders for titanfall(xbx one) before launch. The upcoming beta should also help shoot the numbers above that.

NewMonday3792d ago

still 6 weeks to go, so more likely it will be over 400K

3792d ago
christocolus3792d ago

400k is achievable especially if the beta turns out really great,people will spread the word and then we may see pre-orders go through the roof.

Axios23792d ago

@ Dwntwn

Pre orders tend to increase as the launch date gets closer, ie 50k + is not unheard of in the final week.

But you know that already

Bundi3792d ago

Is this a new newmonday? No talk about how it is nothing special?

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GarrusVakarian3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

300k easily. It has mass appeal.

Naga3792d ago

Agreed. I'm tentatively planning on purchasing it, but I'm waiting until I give the beta a go before officially placing a pre-order.

MetaReapre3792d ago

Well there are a majority getting it for pc, but hell it will definitely be a lot more pre-orders thanks to the beta.

OC_MurphysLaw3791d ago

Well if we are using these numbers

Xbox One - 230,251
PC - 63,195
360 - 55,889

Its total pre-order numbers already at 349,335. With 6 weeks out and the beta next week I suspect this could easily hit 500k+ in combined pre-orders which would be great for a new IP.

Ra30303791d ago

The way Titanfall has been hyped you'd think that the pre-order number would be much, much higher IMO ..I just hope the 360 version is worth the 60 bucks. I got a feeling and I hope I'm wrong but I do remember the games released after the 360 launch that we're cross platform with the original Xbox and how they were terrible and the support from Microsoft was way worse than that. I guess it was their way of saying upgrade to the new console. We will see. My opinion is it will blow as we hear no one saying anything about the 360 version no leaks no screen shots no talk of any kind. I'll wait for others to test the game before I buy but I do hope it's good and if it is it's the last new game I'll buy for the Xbox 360. It could be a great way to go out.

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Riderz13373792d ago

Both Titanfall and inFAMOUS should easily hit 300K pre orders. Great numbers for inFAMOUS, as inFAMOUS 2 only have about 170K pre orders when it launched.

Bundi3791d ago

Even stronger for TitanFall since TitanFall zero had only 7 pre orders when it launched never years ago.