Exclusive – First details and screens from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

PNM magazine was lucky enough to hold an interview with Stephane Gravel, the executive producer at Beenox, to talk about his upcoming game "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Check out some of the interview inside.

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Rockefellow3756d ago

I was a huge fan of the original movie games back on the GameCube/PS2. Spider-Man 2 was well-deserving of the praise it got. I haven't tried the new title based after this new movie series, but I might give it a go with the PS4 version-- Spider-Man is always a good time game-wise, even if it's mindless fun, like the other Beenox games last gen.

4logpc3756d ago

I enjoyed the last game, but it felt rushed. The swinging mechanics were solid but story was mediocre.

WeAreLegion3756d ago

Agreed. Decent game though. Just platinumed it on Vita last week.

eXclurel3756d ago

Swinging mechanics? Like the web sticking to THE SKY?

ZeekQuattro3756d ago

I'll be sure to pick this up when it drops on the Wii U.

DryBoneKoopa853756d ago

Yea, picking my copy up for the Wii U as well. Don't know why your getting disagrees for stating a preference.

Way I see it, as long as your supporting the developers what does it matter which system you get it on?

wannabe gamer3756d ago

i really liked the first Amazing Spider-Man game. it was actually WAY better than i expected.


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Rockstar Games is dedicated to GTA 6 and GTA Online now, but Red Dead Redemption 2's new sales report proves RDO needs more attention.

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Profchaos1h ago

Personally I liked that RDO wasn't smash hit but it proved that players were really there for the single player portion of the game and should settle take two execs down off their micro transactions high horse a little ongoing


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