PS3 Ebay Prices

I was browsing the PS3 section and randomly looked at the auction ending soonest.. O.o

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THWIP4450d ago

People who pay these outrageous prices for stuff, rather than wait a few months, are some of the biggest wastes of DNA on the planet. I hope this jackass hooks up his PS3, and it catches on fire and burns his home to the ground. It could happen too....look at the Sony laptop batteries. :o

Sphinx4450d ago

Yeah, that would be funny... in a demeneted way... still funny.
Some people have the money to waste, and probably get some high from paying so much for a something that might not work.

Sexius Maximus4450d ago

a jackasses money will spend just as good as a smart guys money. God bless the stupid Sony fans of the world...they make me rich.

Razzy4449d ago

...of DNA. While it's totally insane for someone to buy a PS3 for those crazy prices, hoping someones house burns to the ground because they bought one is sick. You need help, fanboy.

Siesser4450d ago

or would pay that much NOT to have to wait in line. Could be a celebrity, athelete, CEO, who knows?

uxo224449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

A celebrity could pay "YOU" 1000 to wait in line for him and still save 7 grand. So I doubt it's a celebrity or anyone else. I think it was bidded up on purpose, and would up being bought by a friend and the transaction will never actually take place.

Also, what will the seller do it the good old shortage monster rears it's ugly head and he do get a PS3 as promised?

ElementX4450d ago

So if you don't buy a retailer extended warranty (which I don't think you can since you didn't buy the system on the receipt) you're stuck with buying Sony's extended warranty. Does anyone know if there is one and how much that costs? I guess if you spend so much on a PS3 on ebay, you'll have money to buy the warranty, but still. Sometimes you wait forever to get a repair from the manufacturer.

kmis874450d ago

I'm willing to bet that the person who made that bid has no intention of buying it. People make fake bids all the time to piss people off.

Marcello4450d ago

A fool and his money are easily parted.

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The story is too old to be commented.