This Super Mario 3D World PS4 Bundle Mock is Amazing

TQ author writes: While Nintendo has plans to make their exclusive characters available to third party developers, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo will allow Nintendo games to come to other consoles. However, that’s not going stop creative gamers to think outside the box. Check out this amazing box art mock bundle of the Playstation 4 and Super Mario 3D world.

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KonsoruMasuta2684d ago

Eh, just doesn't look right.

Mr Pumblechook2684d ago

A Nintendo game on PlayStation hardware.
I'd buy it too!

Yep2684d ago

You'd be buying a broken game. SM3DW wouldn't work completely on any other platform but Wii U. Same goes for every game that uses the GamePad beyond Off-TV play.

LOL_WUT2684d ago

I'd buy this too if I didn't already have a WiiU and a ps4 hopefully one day they'll unite again ;)

Shnazzyone2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

This is such an effective troll. Photoshop fake nintendo games on sony stuff to make sony fanboys finally admit they want to play nintendo games.

It's "stupid" and "kiddy" and "just the same game rehashed"... unless it's on ps4.

Sony fans, just admit you're mad jelly to yourselves already and open your horizons to what all of gaming has to offer. Not just sony.

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parentoftheyear2684d ago

I will never stop dreaming. I think it is beautiful.

emad-E-three2684d ago

It looks childish to me. But if you're interested in the game get Wii U!

parentoftheyear2684d ago

@emad, I am interested in the game, but ONLY this game, and I'm not spending $300 on one game that's pretty silly.

parentoftheyear2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

@Acesonnall Its like second screen isn't it? Why wouldn't it work on Vita?

ReesesPuffs2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I will admit that the box does look awesome but something about seeing the Sony label stamped on top of 3D World sends chills down my spine. Just doesn't look or feel right.

gnomefighter3d2684d ago

Hell Nintendo at this point why not?!?! Maybe they'll make a FPS Mario game, who wouldn't want to shoot Toad in the head

BattleReach2684d ago

I would pay MUCH for this.

Christopher2684d ago

I am one of the very few who has no interest in Nintendo IPs it seems. I like what third-parties, Microsoft, and Sony have done as far as distancing themselves from Nintendo IPs.

Justindark2684d ago

by that you mean shareing the sane games and limeted genras?

Christopher2684d ago

If you think there are limited genres in the third-party market, I'm not sure how to continue this conversation. The third-party market covers pretty much everything under the sun.

RPG_Lover2684d ago

looks dumb, Nintendo is in a better gaming position than Sony is.

Beastforlifenoob2684d ago

Sorry elemental troll but no one here gives a motherF**KING S**T about whos in a better "gaming position" all where doing is making a mashup box for fun and stuff. We don't want you to comment on every motherF**KING post about "oh yeah b**ches nintendo is in a better gaming position" no one gives half a flying f**k.

Also when you say "better gaming position" do you mean this:

PS1 raping n64's ass

PS2 raping the gamecube so badly it cried.

PS3 facing a huge climb massive price and media issues but still getting pretty darn close to the wii sales (also it did not rely SOLEY on a stupid gimmick and nunchucks and 1,000,000 peripherals) it also did not rely on casual grandmas

PS4 is currently smashing the WII U.

So have fun with that

fonger082684d ago

It's good to know you can come up an intelligent response by cutting and pasting your comments from thread to thread...

Yep2684d ago

Here's a tissue to dry your cheeks.

live2play2684d ago

yup they sold more
you know what else sony wiped the floor with compared to nintendo
losses...huge losses

eventhough gamecube was beat in sales it was the only console to make a profit

in fact every system ever sold by ms and sony have been sold at a loss, the wiiu was the first ever to be sold at a loss for nintendo.