World's first interactive Xbox 360 magazine

Today sees the launch of 360Zine - a new videogames magazine, which is published digitally, is freely distributed across the net, features interactive rich media throughout and is of full pdf print quality.

Published by Cranberry Publishing, the team behind 360Zine has many years experience publishing games magazines in the UK, having worked on titles such as Official Xbox Magazine, X360, PC Gamer, PC Format and Official PlayStation Magazine.

Issue 1 runs to nearly 40 pages and includes reviews of Gears of War, WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2007, F.E.A.R and much, much more. There's also previews of up-and-coming releases such as The Darkness, Lost Planet; PGR4 and Halo Wars and an interview with Call of Duty 3's lead game designer Jeremy Luyties.

You can download 360Zine free of charge at

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Deceased4452d ago

And the magazine file is broken, when I try to ope the PDF it says "file is damaged or broken"

fablex4452d ago

I can watch it just fine, maybe you have an older version of adobe acrobat?

TheMART4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Yeah! This is a real nice find. I mean sites are nice, but sometimes I am still buying some normal magazines. Don't know why but the setup of them is nice for a quick read.

Not this emagazine is all that but just on screen. Nice!

Deceased, file isn't broken it works man!

DEIx15x84452d ago

My pc plays it fine (with the exception of "media clips") but my mac only loads it as 39 images of the background without any content.