Is Hillary Clinton's Face on GTA IV's Statue of Happiness?

Since the April 29th launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, fans have been scouring the game for Easter Eggs, those secret items tucked away by game designers and prized by fans.

One persistent claim is that GTA IV's Statue of Happiness, the game's take on the real-life Statue of Liberty, bears the face of Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton, of course, was the leading political critic of the Hot Coffee scandal which surrounded the last major release in the series, GTA San Andreas.

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kosha3907d ago

Lol that does look quite like her. They really dont like hilary clinton and neither do I. "The minute we got out the car we were told to get down cause of sniper fire" Ye right hilary sure you were

likeaboss3023907d ago

Just another Clinton lie of the week! 2008 is a bad year, we got three bums to pick from. A liar, a far left man of hope, and Mr. Cranky who isn't even a real Republican.

Oh and back to the story that does kind of look like her.

c-redz3907d ago

haha and obama never heard racist remarks the whole 20 years at his church, yeah right obama!!! dude as soon as you realize nobody in power tells the truth you might be better off, they all lie and cheat there way to the number 1 spot, they all lie hahaha!!!! make grand theft chicago!!!!!!

Silellak3907d ago

There hasn't been a real Republican - as in, fiscally conservative rather than socially conservative - for years.

Both parties want to spend a crazy amount of money that our country doesn't actually *have*.

deeznuts3907d ago

Looks more like Halle Berry to me.

Creepa at GameManx3907d ago

U stfu you republican you just mad Obama is going to kick yall republicans A$$ in Nov.

Take that...Take that

Panthers3907d ago

You might be surprised Creepa.

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LorD3907d ago

oh wow, thats brilliant! It does indeed look like her.

So yeah, either way, we get to choose between a warmongering fascist, a socialist and a socialist lite.

It does not look good for the '08 elections.


Vip3r3907d ago

If only there was a mission where you were a sniper in the statue...

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The story is too old to be commented.