Why I'm Worried About The Elder Scrolls Online

Cev at Codec Moments writes "I’ve been a big fan of The Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind and love them. Sure, there have been some bugs and glitches – some of which have been hilarious, the rest of which where never entirely game breaking. but ultimately, there is no reason or willingness for me to needlessly hate on the companies involved in the production. With that said, while everything points to the fact that I should be on the edge of my seat for this game, I’m just not. This article is, in part, an effort to deduce why."

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KrisButtar2426d ago

Everyone I know owns TES games. Only one is willing to try ESO, I figured I'm going to give it a shot and going to pre-order the digital standard version when available on console. We all wanted a single player TES game or just co-op, not an mmo.

FF14 had 1.5 mill last I heard but how many of those are actually console players? I think the pc ESO version will do well but I don't have any faith in the console versions. The console versions each have there own servers and if they do bad sales would they drop the sub or just the game on consoles?

"The Elder Scrolls Online, while having so much that screams awesome to my nature as a gamer, also checks a lot of ‘No’ boxes for me" Nice read, Nailed it.

MrDreadnought2426d ago

The perfect for Elder Scrolls franchise, would be something ever so simple, being developped by the ones who made the franchise thrive (Bethesda), I just hope this is something to keep ES fans entertained while Bethesda focus on Fallout or new IPs.

But the perfect game for an ES fan like myself, would be the hybrid between those, why not an Elder Scrolls game singleplayer, but people could join in your game, in a similar "Dark Souls" vibe, I think that would be preferably rather than a MMO, but still I will give this a try of course.

KrisButtar2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I believed co-op was actually where the games were naturally going. I don't remember any followers in Morrowind. Oblivion had some, and Skyrim you had a follower around every corner. Thinking 6 would allow someone join your game and have the follower role or you could join someones game and be the follower. Its really the next step after AI.

There are things I just don't like about ESO but I find it has more to do with the genre in most cases. I doubt I will pay the sub for starters. I only know of people who play MMOs defend this game and have yet to hear a TES fan that has a dislike for MMOs say they like it.(that would impress me) Its not really like Skyrim with friends but just a MMO with TES paint and with a couple new ideas.

FighterJoe2426d ago

Myself and a few of my friends are TES fans also, however none of us have any interest in elder scrolls online.

Maxor2426d ago

The problem with ESO is simple. When you think about the Elder Scrolls franchise, what is it about it that appeal the most to you? Open and immersive sand box world? Some would say that is the top of their list.

Yet with ESO that isn't the top billing. According to the devs people want 3 way RvR theme parks in their Elder Scrolls.

Maxor2426d ago

That's MMO speak for realm vs realm.

KrisButtar2426d ago

Bubble+ Helpful

Rereading your comment. I think TES games strike a perfect balance between theme park and sandbox worlds.

I agree that some problems do seem to stem from the RvR because that's where the restrictions seem to come from, race restricted to alliance, abilities restricted to class, restricted to areas until lv 50+ and I'm sure there is more but that is off the top of my head and those restrictions don't belong in the Elder Scroll franchise.

If they wanted a TES MMO so bad, they should have started with a TES game and made it into a MMO and not made a MMO into a TES game.

RondoMachete2426d ago

I've been a fan since Oblivion and I've gone back to Morrowind and love that,skyrim got me hooked on TES so moving on to ESO is a next move I'm really looking forward to. I've preordered the big one and I'm willing to pay every month for it. I'm not worried about anything when it comes to Bethesda so it's all good to me.