The PSP phone finally arrives - Though it's not really the PSP phone

The Hurbo A718 PSP phone is actually a not too bad device, with a two-way sliding pad, one way for an alphanumeric keypad and another for gaming keys, in a similar way to the much-prophesised PSP Phone.

The phone also has a two megapixel camera, and support for SD cards to add to its internal hard drive, though it's unknown how big this is.

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RobotIsTheFuture5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

Photoshoped? LoOks like it...hope this is true. Sexy phone =)

NES emulation? niceee lol, I don't believe this is real I mean "I don’t think Sony has endorsed this phone" me either...

Sev5886d ago

Its fake and its not even made by Sony. Why the hell is this at 330 degrees already? This story is going to heat right up to the top story in no time, yet its completely bull, and a worthless story.

I dont understand the N4G heat/degrees system at all.

I see some huge stories never make it past 400 degrees, yet crap like this reaches 1000 degrees in a couple hours.

Gondee5886d ago

haahhaaaaa, "i can haz psp phone"

player9115885d ago

Its not even an Sony product. Its a korean knockoff that runs emulators. It just has "PSP" on the back. Lame.

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Pornlord5887d ago

Sony would have announced something like this. If it was a true deal, I think photoshopped. Great idea, and if it's a PSP phone, then Firmware will help with the emulation, even if it's custom like a Dark Alex update.

damnwrx5886d ago

2megapixel come on, others are already in 2.5, 3 & 5megapixels.....IDK 'bout this and price wi$e?????

PR0F3TA5886d ago

fake... c'mon don't u think a PSPphone would be announced a little more professional

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Europe software sales | May 2024 | EA FC 24 #1, Ghost of Tsushima #4, Hellblade 2 missed 'Top 100'

"This is GSD figures, which tracks all digital game sales from most major publishers (Nintendo data is absent), and physical game sales in all major European markets."

"The No.1 selling game in May this year was EA Sports FC 24, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5. F1 2024 races in at No.3. The PC release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut sends the PlayStation game up to No.4."

"11.6 million PC and console games were sold across European markets in May. Compared with the same five week period in 2023, that's a drop of nearly 17%."

"Hellblade 2, System Shock Remake, and the Rogue Prince of Persia all missing out on the Top 100."

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Einhander197212h ago

I need an xbox fan to explain to me how Hellblade didn't even enter the top 100 since Game Pass doesn't effect sales and you guys are all just using the service as a trial to buy the games later.... /s (for sigh)

Also tell me again how 3.5 M sales first month for FF was bad...

If Microsoft didn't buy the developer this could have been a multiplatform game and if they wanted they still could have got it day 1 on Game Pass.

If I worked at Ninja Theory I'd be sprucing up my resume right about now.

MNRC237h ago

Why are you more concerned about Microsoft’s financials than Microsoft?