Daughter's Controller Hack Creates Portable PS4

Controlling a Vita and Dual Shock 4 improves the experience more than you might imagine. Hack them together like my daughter did and you have a new way to play PlayStation 4 games on the go — big bright screen, controller sticks, lights and rumble.

FITgamer3728d ago

Pretty cool little trick, but if i understand correctly the controller is connected to the PS4, so you wouldn't be able to play it anywhere in the world like he says.

UltimateMaster3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Cool trick.

gaffyh3727d ago

OR you could just use your Vita...

hkgamer3727d ago

cool trick but as you say you won't be able to play it outside the range of PS4.

I was wondering when they would allow remote play on phones and tablets, that would be quite cool.

evs4903727d ago

When playstation now comes out.

Starbucks_Fan3727d ago

Can you use it anywhere with a wifi connection?

I tried it at Starbucks and it didn't work.

AtomicGerbil3727d ago

Likely to be a firewall issue with Starbucks.

XSpike3727d ago

& you only need 1 DS4 controller not 2

Pretty cool though, perfect for gaming outside or while TV in use

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serratos273728d ago

Wishing I had a Vita I would try this trick out myself >,<

Christopher3727d ago

When what they really need to do is allow you to register a DS4 with your Vita and use it as an external controller if you want.

e-p-ayeaH3727d ago

yes that would the ideal thing and sony could come up with their own solution to this issue.

MRMagoo1233727d ago

thats a good idea , sony should look into that if they arent already, it would sell more DS4 controllers i suspect.

FamilyGuy3727d ago

Everything will sell more DS4 controllers.

Them working on PS3
Using them for PS Now with any device
Using them for Vita Tv once released outside Japan
They plug and Play on PC

Add a vita update that allows native connectivity and DS4s will be selling like crazy.

chicagOriginal3726d ago

You use to be able to do this w/ a DS3 and a pspGO back in the day. Do not see why they would not allow it now?

XiSasukeUchiha3727d ago

Sweet Portable PS4 even better!

kinetic1003727d ago

My 2 girls were doing this the other day by accident, they were playing 2 player lego marvel when i wanted the TV for the football, so the use remote play and carried on playing 2 player on the vita. made me think it would be cool way to play split screen games.

chrisarsenalsavart3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Your daughters are really smart.
it must be cool to have daughters who love gaming. Mine hate it. They prefer playing with Barbie.

Long live gaming.

GW2123727d ago

Probably time to just go ahead and give them up for adoption ;)

rustyspoon803727d ago

Keep trying until you have a couple of lads also :)

Hicken3727d ago

Seeing all the positive responses to your comment makes me happy, as a gamer.

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