Japan Queues Up For PS3.

The PlayStation 3 is set to hit Japan this weekend, and eager Japanese gamers have lined up to get their hands on Sony's next-gen console.

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd4454d ago

that theres only 100000 units?hmm, good luck trying to find one. and if they do, good luck not gettin jumped for the ps3

Scythesean4454d ago

already released in japan it's already 11/11 for them over there, I think....

Aramis0014454d ago

It's Japan, what do you expect? If sony crapped into a cardboard box, wrote "playstation" on the side, and slapped on a $600 price tag, the line for it would still be as long as this one.

PS360WII4454d ago

MS can loogy in a dvd case call it a fps and everyone will buy it! Or you know do what you said and crap in a box call it 360 and bam!

Tut4454d ago

Heh, the XBox360 hasn't obtained the same popularity in USA as the Playstation has in Japan. Not even close...

Aramis0014453d ago

Halo maybe, but not MS as a whole.

Tut4453d ago

Yeah. GoW will drown that out until H3/Wars though. USA is too "free-minded" to completely go one-sided on something.

kmis874453d ago

If the xbox had no game franchises that Americans liked, we wouldn't have bought it either.

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TheXgamerLive4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Their 24 hours ahead of us, 1 full day.
They started getting there ps3 systems earlier this morning. , well what there is of them anyway's. I'm sure whether good or bad, you'll be hearing some flow of info from the Japanese audiences soon. They've had all day to play them so there should be a trickle or two soon.

Weapon X4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Mark this day down MS fans. The timer has officially started toward the countdown for you to receive your consol'e' - ation prize it's ALWAYS been.

Friends of Sony: Never forget that YOU represent market dominance for the past dozen years. That does not come to be by accident nor by LUCK.

tut said: -- "Heh, the XBox360 hasn't obtained the same popularity in USA as the Playstation has in Japan. Not even close..." --

This statement is striking, in that a system created in the United States of America (has not even captured the majority of American gamers since the intro of the xbox and WILL NEVER capture JAPAN or the UK) -- hell the P2 is Still kickin' major @SS in the good 'ol UK.

Even while the YBOX loyals continue to blindly support King Gates like hungry Lemmings... ((while he continues to ridicule and poke fun at American high school graduates and other "non-hireables" in America for his precious tech co.
-- http://seattlepi.nwsource.c... --

for not being "smart enough to hire" -- why doesn't he contribute straight cash to American high schools instead of demeaning them?)) ...on this site, and rave about their 365 day old debut of the so called kiLlr/ApP((where's Halotre @ launch of PS3?? LOL)), there's nothing to save them from SNE's wrath. MS is swimming in shallow water right now and has been basking in the sun all by itself for a year. Well, the autumn wind is blowing in -- and its time for MS to get a very LARGE reality check. I can't wait until sales begin to hit their stride for the P3 -- it will be downright BRUTAL.

No way YBOX will ever come within an INCH of outselling the P3 when it's all said and done -- guaranteed. In 2011-2012 when the next system hits ((probably sooner for the ZBOX??))-- I'll still be here laughing just like I am at the end of the P2 ((while it continues to quietly DOMINATE MS & Ninty)). Gears will slowly fade away into a 6 hour / 8player afterthought once the mighty CellStation launches in the states. Then they'll have to wait for HAlotre to hit b4 they'll be able to talk about anything of import re: the YBOX. But, oh wait -- KiLLZone II will be out to trump that too so what are they gonna do after that?? Poor MS -- they're alienated by Japan and the rest of the gaming world, save a few myopic fanatics here in the states. I'll tell ya what they're gonna do -- nothing. Absolutely nothing -- but take 2nd, as usual --however, they better watch out for nintendo --LOLOL.

It's been a long DRAB (*yawn) year for MS, and unfortunately,-- in the end -- they lose again mate like always. That's why my money sticks with a WINNER.

AND, come 1117 it ALL STARTS OVER -- AGAIN.



TheXgamerLive4453d ago

your not even close about the Xbox 360. But you are a sad and pathetic fan boy/robot though.

That's enough words wasted on you.

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