Scottish Call of Duty Players Raging Hilariously

Call of Duty players from all around the world have one thing in common, rage. However, there are a few profanities that separate the Scotts from the rest like "Nelson's Mandela's bookcase" or "Your mom wears a denim tracksuit", "camping grouse" and for some odd reason, they have a thing for elbows. They have the most profound curse-words I've ever heard.

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pompombrum1814d ago

Good job there is subtitles, I can't even understand what is being said half the time.

3-4-51814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

No offense to anyone, but from an American perspective, I think we in the STATES really like the scottish accent.

We try and do them ourselves from time to time and we aren't very good at it.

So hearing actual scots talking trash natively is kind of hilarious.

It's the same stuff here in NA....bad insults and no creativity, but with a much better acccent.

SonyAddict1814d ago

You should look up Kevin bridges,he is the best stand up comedian in Britain and he's Scottish!.

SonyAddict1814d ago

I understood every word!,but I'm Scottish and proud.

THC CELL1814d ago

How is this gaming news?

Godmars2901814d ago

Its funny to someone. Is a humor piece.

RamsesNum11814d ago

It's meant to entertain, dude.

InTheLab1814d ago

Ya f***ing f***s I'll bang your mums screwdriver with my raspberries till am elbows deep in a door knob.

Yeah...sub titles are nice but what makes it funny is the fact that these insults are horrible.

It's even funnier if you pretend Scrooge McDuck is saying it.

shotgun_ps31814d ago

Makes me proud to be Scottish...

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