Future launches Official PlayStation Magazine

Future's brand-new Official PlayStation Magazine hits shelves in style this month, delivering the UK's most comprehensive preview of the PlayStation 3 hardware and games to date.

Thanks to Official PlayStation Magazine's unparalleled access, the launch issue provides readers with the most in-depth tour of Sony's next-generation console - from the hardware's features and functions, to expert coverage of the launch games and beyond.

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frostbite064452d ago

Get this, the 360 version of tony hawk gets a 7.8 and the ps3 version gets a 7.0 from ign. It looks like the consoles are different after all and i dont think this magazine will save it.

fablex4452d ago

360 version has online play and better framerate. Sony was just to late with delivering the final PS3 hardware to the developer, so they couldnt make it run smoothly.

Arkham4452d ago

Quit your spamming, boy.

Silver Bull3t4452d ago

... do they at least include a demo/content disk to show off all dem fancy Blu-Ray and Cell capabilities?... I'd think they'd include a demo disk like OXM, right?...