Edge Of Eternity Is A Space J-RPG, Gets New Screenshots

Midgar Studio has released a new set of screenshots for Edge of Eternity.

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LAWSON722635d ago

May sound harsh but everything looks mediocre or just looks bad.
Even the text and HUD look like they were made in MS paint.

vergilxx32635d ago

No wonder i looks bad it's for android

LAWSON722635d ago

That explains it, but that is no excuse for that HUD. It has zero creativity and looks tacky

Baylex2634d ago

I think you are overreacting.. It's not that bad! The environment is very good. We're only in Februery, the game has until november to get some polish... This is not a AAA game, mind that!
Midgar Studio is a very tiny studio, you see... they actually have a good game here.

FamilyGuy2635d ago

It's weird, the environments look pretty good but the character an enemy models look really cheap/low quality.

I still might check it out it's it's really cheap thought but I suspect there will be a lot more games to chose from worth my interest by nov 2014.

Gamer19822634d ago

on android and ios too so not expecting much from this as its gonna be downgraded to support those devices..

DanielGearSolid2635d ago

Wait what? Where'd this come from? I want it!

LAWSON722635d ago

It blows my mind that these screens impressed someone.

DanielGearSolid2635d ago

Has nothing to do with the screens... Its a Jrpg, I'm willing to give it a go

Milruka2634d ago

Reminds me of all the other JRPG's that never get ported.

LAWSON722635d ago

There are plenty of JRPGs no need to get desperate lol

DanielGearSolid2635d ago

There are plenty.... including this one

Game4life2635d ago

Looks interesting. I'll keep my eye on it. I could always use more space jrpgs like star ocean

FamilyGuy2635d ago

Yeah me too, XenoSaga as well.

This is a phone game though and it looks like it, they're going to have to really upgrade the character models in the console version before I take notice.
I'd pass up a free version of this game in its current build.

Game4life2635d ago

totally forgot about xenosaga. That was epic. I liked the battle system in that way more than star oceans. though sadly the loading times in episode 2 killed the game for me. they were sooooooo bad

Studio-YaMi2635d ago

That was actually the first thing that came to my mind,Star Ocean:The Last Hope.

I need to play that game again one day..

wannabe gamer2635d ago

"A Space JRPG" then shows us 29 screens that look like ancient times and 1-2 space themed screens. yea ok

NeoTribe2635d ago

I love space oriented games so id give it a shot.