War Thunder’s PS4/PC Cross-Play Patch Approved, On Hold Due to Sony Policy; No USA Release Date

We’ve got a mix of good news and bad news when it comes to War Thunder, with the good news being that the PS4 and PC Cross Play patch has been approved by Sony. - PSLS

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ramiuk12695d ago

still not played this on my ps4,is it any good?

GravelerMagnitude92695d ago

i made a UK account to play it. its ok but i have only played like 1 game. ill probably play it later

3-4-52695d ago

It's really good on PC. I'm assuming it's roughly the same quality or identical on PS4 outside of the control difference.

* Easier to aim on PC, easier to fly on PS4 with a controller.

It's a lot harder to do an Immelmann on PC than with a controller.

It's free too, and will take you a long time to unlock everything for each Nation.

Tons of planes of different classes for England, USA, Japan, Russia, Brittain & also some random Italian planes as well.

The landscapes are really nice too. It's a good looking game, and it's fun. Also it's very skill based.

A great pilot can dominate in a much lesser plane playing against noobs in better planes. Lots of room to figure out how you want to play.

Master-H2695d ago

This will be the first f2p game i download when i get a ps4, i held off buying Birds of Steel on ps3 because of this.
Does it have a singleplayer offline mode though ?

Einhert2695d ago

It has single missions from real world battles were you can play solo or with your friends.

Angeljuice2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I've been playing this more than any other game since launch. I absolutely love it, its a great game. I didn't realise it hasn't released in the states yet.

There are two main control schemes for the DS4, the default (simplified controls) uses the right stick like a mouse to point anywhere on the screen that you want to shoot. It makes shooting very easy but you don't have full control of the plane (it automatically flies to wherever you point).
I prefer the realistic controls where you have full control of the plane but can only shoot straight ahead and must manually maneuver the plane in order to aim. This makes it about 10x harder to shoot down an enemy, but gives you a lot more control and realism (and I find it much more fun, but my score suffers greatly).

Bombers are really cool too. The game is very well balanced and I've had some of the best dogfight's ever, great fun.

There is a campaign mode (single player) but you need to acquire vehicles in the multiplayer to play most of the missions.

webeblazing2695d ago

I stated this before but people didn't want to believe it. Its going to be rare for games to have cross play.

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