Gears of War designer wants to work with you on his next game

Cliff Bleszinski says he's intrigued by crowd-based platforms like Steam Early Access for his next game, which could be announced in 4-6 weeks.

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Axonometri3281d ago

I'm in.
Just so the word.

Mr Pumblechook3280d ago

Cliff Blezinski has one of those smug faces you just wanna punch and punch and punch until he don't move no more.

He thinks he is a god and was in support of he Xbone's DRM and no second hand game sales policy.

And last week he crowed about Gears saying that answers the question on whether it's coming to PlayStation!

Worse than that he always pimps out his wife in silly sexualised poses.

Silly man who acts like an over privileged boy.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233280d ago

WOW, you really do hate someone who has never bothered you in your life.

Issues much.

Hercules1893280d ago

Mr Pumblechook, Cliff might be a douche but hes not a Kanye West level douche. Cliff is atleast somewhat likable.

Lord_Sloth3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Nobody is a Kanye level douche. Not even Satan.

As far as his next project goes...I foresee guns wielded by horrible proportioned Bears hiding behind a plethora of chest-high walls.

Axonometri3280d ago

Man I dislike it when smart devices change my words into something dumb.

Yeah. So many like to bitch it up about Cliff, but if he said he wanted you involved I am sure all of you would tell him no thanks. lol

Godmars2903281d ago

Its all become about involvement. Recruiting fans to make them loyal customers and PR guys.

eyeDEVOUR3281d ago Show
Ipunchbabiesforfun3280d ago

This dude bugs me, he's a cool enough guy and we can relate to him somewhat. But sometimes he just DOESN'T shut up and he's far too cocky for my taste!

LimeyGeeza3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I don't mind Cliff, the original Gears was a great game and it wouldn't have been the same without his involvement. His recent appearance on the Pointless Podcast with Kevin Pereira was one of the best I have listened too. I'll certainly be interested in whatever he does next.

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