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Hardcore Gamer: When it was announced that Kim Swift would be working on an OUYA game, some were a bit baffled — just what would Portal’s lead designer craft on the system? As it turns out, she and the folks at Airtight Games can craft one hell of a roguelike that isn’t just fun for fans of that genre, but makes for a perfect gateway game in the genre due to how accessible it is. Since Soul Fjord (pronounced like fah-yord) was first shown off about six months ago, the game has gathered a fair amount of steam within the OUYA community. It’s become one of the most-anticipated games for the platform, and with a system starved for top-level content, that can be a double-edged sword. High expectations make it much easier to be disappointed — a fate that thankfully doesn’t befall Soul Fjord.

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ChaosKnight3222d ago

Is this like Django Unchained where the "F" is silent? Because I don't like things I can't pronounce.

3221d ago
360ICE3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Nope! Also, the D in "Django" isn't really silent, if that's what you were aiming at.