Soul Fjord (Ouya) Review | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: When it was announced that Kim Swift would be working on an OUYA game, some were a bit baffled — just what would Portal’s lead designer craft on the system? As it turns out, she and the folks at Airtight Games can craft one hell of a roguelike that isn’t just fun for fans of that genre, but makes for a perfect gateway game in the genre due to how accessible it is. Since Soul Fjord (pronounced like fah-yord) was first shown off about six months ago, the game has gathered a fair amount of steam within the OUYA community. It’s become one of the most-anticipated games for the platform, and with a system starved for top-level content, that can be a double-edged sword. High expectations make it much easier to be disappointed — a fate that thankfully doesn’t befall Soul Fjord.

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ChaosKnight3591d ago

Is this like Django Unchained where the "F" is silent? Because I don't like things I can't pronounce.

3590d ago
360ICE3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Nope! Also, the D in "Django" isn't really silent, if that's what you were aiming at.


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Spencer of Ghost Volta: "Let’s get something out of the way right now: Soul Fjord has hands down one of the most awesome premises in years. As the cross section between 70′s funk and Norse mythology, you’re placed into the role of Magnus Jones (again, awesome), a warrior wrongfully denied access to Club Valhalla, the afterlife’s hottest nightclub. In order to claim his spot, he’ll battle his way up the Yggdrasil to the illustrious club, fighting everything from disco spiders to literal lounge lizards. His weapons and armor range from simple bladed weapons and leather armor to funkified ‘fros and stop signs. Tie it all together with rhythm based combat and a smooth soundtrack, and it sounds too good to be true."

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