Two Worlds release date confirmed

At last! We can now start counting down the days to the release of "Two Worlds"! This role-playing masterpiece will be in the European stores on the 7th of March 2007 - for PC and Xbox 360!

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Jay da 2KBalla4455d ago

Another exclusive AAA title for the 360.

kmis874455d ago

I've never heard of this until now, so I wouldn't really say it's AAA. Plus, it's on the pc, so it's not so exclusive. People like me who don't have a 360 will still be able to play games like this and Bioshock, and the pc versions are usually better in my opinion because of the ability to get mods, which add considerably to the replay value.

Tut4455d ago

I think kmis said it all. I will be playing it on my PC if it is worth my time. That must suck having your "AAA" titles available on the biggest gaming platform ever... PC.

Another big + for PC gaming is the flexibility for controls. Keyboard + Mouse or Logitech controller? I am thankful I have a choice.

THWIP4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )'re both idiots. Microsoft IS the PC ; every 360 title that also comes to PC, is STILL EXCLUSIVE FOR MS. A lot of PC gamers also like consoles, because of all the games that aren't available for PC...but you rarely find console gamers, that enjoy PC gaming. This generation of consoles is the beginning of the end to the division....and PC gaming will no longer have the following that once came from the exclusive content and powerful graphics not possible on consoles. If you prefer mouse and keyboard, that's fine...but you're in the minority. For $400, I can have the same...if not better...gaming experience, as someone with a $1000-$3000 PC rig. PC-exclusive gamers are suckers, and/or retarded.

Tut4455d ago

Wow, there is a lot of good stuff in your statement. Let me analyze...

Yeah, it MIGHT be an exclusive for Microsoft but guess what... I don't care about brand loyalty like you do! Yeah, I have an awesome PC, a huge TV, and intent to purchase the PS3 and Wii, so why buy a 360 when I can use my PC for anything worth my time that comes out on that console? GoW is bound to come out for PC and if it doesn't I still have my friend's 360 to play it on. Yeah, I am not afraid to touch another platform and have fun doing it. Amazing, I know since everyone has to be on a side, right?

Yeah, these new consoles are becoming more like home PC's, but who cares? They still aren't as upgradeable as the PC and I hope to God they never become that way. Consoles provide a climax that everyone can program for, unlike PC's which are usually programmed to work with older technology so everyone can enjoy them and not only the people who can keep up with technology to an extent.

On the contrary, if you ask anyone who has ever played UT2004 or a similar game on PC and a console, the majority will say that PC was better because the controller devices allowed more flexibility and had a much faster reaction time with increased precision. So, technically you're... uh... wrong. Plus, people love emulators now and I believe I said I had the option to USE a controller through my PC, too. Maybe you were too angry and excited that you passed over that part.

As for your take on gaming experience, I don't disagree. But you have to realize that everyone has an opinion and it isn't going to be the same one you have the majority of the time. You'll need to grow up and learn that.

As for saying PC exclusive gamers are "suckers, and/or retarded" (you don't need that comma by the way) that goes far beyond me. I don't even know what you were trying to accomplish with that statement. Did someone say they were exclusive PC gamers on this thread? Hmm, I don't think so. Maybe you are so desperate to defend yourself you reached out to irrelevant topics or details. Good idea, it really enforces your credibility and makes you look intelligent! That was sarcasm and heavy, just in case you didn't notice it.

Microsoft is NOT the PC when it comes to games. They merely supply the most popular OS to run them on. But whatever, think what you'd like.

THWIP4455d ago

You act like I'm some kid, attempting to correct my grammar, making comments about "growing up". I'm a 35 y.o. who's been gaming since the early 80s. I have the opinion I do about PC gaming, because 1.) I've tried it, and it's not practical or fun IMO and 2.) people like you make me want to not associate with such partisan fanaticism.
The fact still remains, that while the PC is still "upgradeable", the cost to do so far outweighs the price of a next-gen console. I can spend $900 on the 360 and it's successor, and STILL never touch a PC gaming rig. Plus, whether you're willing to admit it or not, MS is IN FACT the primary representative of the PC and PC gaming. Tell me how many major devs and their games are associated with another OS other than Windows. THERE AREN'T ANY...which is why MS makes the distinction with Games for Windows now. Whether you've got a custom rig, a Dell,'re a MS/DirectX gamer. PLEASE try and prove me wrong.

And, BTW, I was merely making a point. How you got the silly idea I was "angry" or "excited" is beyond me. What I said was pretty much true; that you took offense to it only proves my point further.

kmis874455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

I'm not a pc exclusive gamer though. Right now I have a good gaming pc (high school graduation present from 2 years ago, still runs well), a Gamecube, and a ps2 (Guitar Hero 2 is awesome). Come this time next month I will have a ps3, a wii, and a good gaming pc. I've pretty much got my bases covered on all the good games coming out, except Gears, but I'll have a 360 in two years or so. And yes, Windows is a Microsoft platform, but that's not the point. The consoles aren't Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, they're ps3, 360 and wii. If a game comes to the pc in addition to a console, then it's not exclusive for any of them. And yes, most games that come to consoles and pcs are better on pcs because of better control and mods, although if MS releases a keyboard the difference won't be so pronounced. Pcs also have the advantage of free online play (except MMOs of course).

ElementX4455d ago

I don't care that some 360 games come out for PC. I'd rather sit in front of my HDTV on a comfortable couch or recliner than sit at some 19" computer monitor. How many of you have surround on your PCs? Yeah you can use a mouse but it doesn't rumble, I like the rumble feature.

Mr Murda4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Yes, this is a AAA title that's been in development for a while. It hasn't quite gotten the recognition, cause it's been a little over shadowed by GoW, Mass Effect, and BioShock.

The reason that MS is intent on bringing some of these games to the PC as well is that they want to build a larger gaming community. MS realizes that not everyone is going to have a 360 after the first year, second year, or ever, but MS still wants to reach those gamers. When your PC is outdated and your getting ready to drop $300 on a new graphics card, well MS wants you to consider getting a 360 instead. Also, LIVE Anywhere will probably mean a subscription charge to also play from a PC, but have access to all of the wonderful things that XBL has to offer (XBLA, PC demos, movies, music, TV, etc.). Watch and see, this is (in my opinion) part of MS's BIG PICTURE!

power of Green 4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

What software will PC gamers be playing Two Worlds on?. PC/360 all the way it's simple. #1.1 as i posted this i scrolled up in case i had to add something but what you said made me laugh out loud, with that e-nuff was said.

kmis874455d ago

The pc is not the same as the 360. And what about my post made you laught out loud exactly?

#1.8 I sure as hell hope they don't start charging subscription fees for my pc games. That would piss me off so much, because I've been playing games online for free for so long.

Silver3604455d ago

It will come to the PS3 later. Just releasing on the PC and 360 at same time. Developer said so on all games interactive with scott rubin.

kmis874455d ago

Wow, people who were clueless about this like I was should listen to that podcast. It sounds like they're really doing a lot with this, and I can't believe that they're doing a ps3 and wii version, seems like a ton of work. I'm definitely looking forward to this on pc now, but I'm gonna wait until I see some gameplay and hear from some people who've played it before I make any proclamations of it being AAA. I hope that they can do what they say they want to.

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FirstknighT4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

For certain games like Unreal 2004 it is better to play on a pc because a controller doesn't have enough buttons. But playing a game on a PC is just waaaaay to playing online with somebody with a better rig can be a disadvantage. The 360 has an equal playing field.

I have a friend who is a pc gamer and hates consoles...He was really good in counterstrike and unreal 2004...of course he has like a $200 laser gaming mouse...$200 gaming $400 right there...I didn't even add the cost of the PC.

By the way, this game is going to ROCK!!!! It's good to be a 360 owner! :)

PS360WII4455d ago

If it's out on PC you can still call it exclusive for it's exclusive on the consoles...
But come on seems that any game 360 says is only on 360/PC you fans say "ha here's yet another AAA title coming out". I'm sorry but not every game they make is AAA.

General4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

March....ok..Not my type of game anyways.

power of Green 4455d ago

So how exactly does the PC not make the game exclusive to 360 when it comes to console's again?. Shadow Run's a Windows game and it's counter part is 360 exclusive console tittle. Threres no getting around it. 360/PC/cell Phone/Zune it's the way MS's marketing this vision to make CASSSSHHHHH!. Vista baby!. Live Anyware. Now go away!. "Exclusive console tittles" is that better or Exclusive to windows and 360 like the way MS calls it in it's own marketing downloads off of live.

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