What drought? February and March are packed with game releases

September to early December is when everything comes out, especially late October and early November. Publishers work hard to get their games on shelves for the Christmas gift shopping season, and there are nearly always far too many to even play, let alone buy.

Neonridr3680d ago

Sure there is a lot of games on the whole, but for each individual system there isn't a ton of software being released during these months.

However, a couple of these titles will be huge so they should do well to serve as a gap filler until more games arrive down the road.

CynicalKelly3680d ago

Which is why it pays off to have both systems for a gamer in the financial position to do so.

Having a 360, PS4 and Xbox One means I get South Park, Fable, Titanfall, Plants Versus Zombies, Outlast, Thief, Ground Zero and Infamous. It's going to be a good couple of months.

StaticGrazer3679d ago

Or you could have just gotten a pc and could have more games than you could possibly play in your entire life time...

TheDrunkenJester3679d ago

Add Dark Souls 2 to your list... good god I'm excited for the end of feb. And beginning of march. Good thing I'm one of the gamer's with a great job to afford these things, but my problem is having the time to play them like I want. Between work and a 4 month old I get (if I'm lucky) 2 hours to play games a day, usually less.

stragomccloud3679d ago

True. Good thing I'm a PC/multi platform gamer.

stragomccloud3679d ago

I fail to understand why someone would disagree with something like this. So... it's better to be a fanboy locked to one platform?

Snookies123680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

March is like the biggest lineup of games I've wanted in years...

Blazblue, Dark Souls 2, Deception IV, Final Fantasy X HD, InFamous Second Son, MGS V GZ, South Park, and Witch and the Hundred Knights...

Dang... I need more money... *sits in the corner with my empty wallet*

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Captain Qwark 93680d ago


that ninja gaiden spin off
south park
ff lightning returns

and most importantly..... DARK FLIPPIN SOULS 2!! my life will be complete!

CYCLEGAMER3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I don't consider this a gaming drought for XB1 owners, reason being, the average person doesn't play more than 3 games at a time.

The xb1 launched with 4 exclusives, all mutltiplates and 5 downloadable titles. In March they get the MS exclusive Titanfall, all of the mutltiplates a new character and story mode for Killer instinct.

I am personally looking forward to Infamous second son though, but I feel like after I beat that, in a few days, there will be another drought until later in the year.

Edit: I guess if you only like shooters or a certain genre then yes this is a drought for you. However someone like me who finds enjoyement in all types of games, this is far from a gaming drought on the xb1 side.

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Hidetaka Miyazaki claims Dark Souls 2 “carried” the series forward

Dark Souls 2 remains a divisive entry in the landmark RPG franchise, but Hidetaka Miyazaki believes it led to the success of Elden Ring.

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anast5d ago

The game isn't good though.

Rols5d ago

DS2 was fine. While there was a bit of recycling assets or ideas for bosses, it was a bigger more open Dark Souls. The Fume knight boss is one of the hardest bosses in the series until Sekiro and Elden Ring were released.

CrimsonWing695d ago

The problem with Dark Souls 2 was the same problem when a different director takes over for a sequel to an outstanding movie. It typically (there are exceptions) doesn’t have the feel and vision of the previous movie.

I wouldn’t say Dark Souls 2 is terrible. Had Dark Souls 1 never been a thing and we got this, I think it would have been praised more. The problem is it didn’t have the Miyazaki touch to it and felt pretty derivative. The soundtrack is a banger though.

Aussiesummer5d ago

And it will happen in the future when he doesn’t touch them as he is planning on.

MrBaskerville5d ago

I like DS 2, might even be my favorite of the 3. But it's a hard sell, there's so many obscure things you need to do to make it an enjoyable experience. So always find it hard to recommend, but it is worth the trouble.