Bungie's Destiny won't feature animal mounts

"We knew that PETA would go absolutely berserk," developer says; studio also discusses The Companion second-screen app.

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Godmars2902697d ago

Lamest excuse I've ever heard.

If they want to present Destiny as more than a FPSMMO, then it needs to have other elements. Show a living world rather than arena areas.

If they don't want to code animals or do so in the immediate future, they should just say so.

Muffins12232696d ago

You shouldent of took it seriusly,bungie jokes around allot but peta would go crazy lol XD

erathaol2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Hey, we get mechanical mounts, would be cool if we could get a mechanical horse mount, à la Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

Lets start a petition!


PeaSFor2696d ago

just give me a JetMoto equivalent and i will be happy, i dont give a crap about animal mounts.

fenome2696d ago

They were messing around man, lighten up. It's not an excuse, it's joke :)

Plus, the game does feature vehicle mounts, so at least that's somethin'

Shadonic2696d ago

Yea I want my horses and horse armor accessories in my futuristic setting. Not having it completely breaks the immersion of the world.

3-4-52696d ago

Hoverboards & Hoverjetskis please

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4ShotKing2696d ago

Didn't we see that Destiny had a ground vehicle that is a mixture of the Ghost and Chopper from Halo? I remember seeing it in the trailer.

CrossingEden2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

WTF! **** PETA, you guys are BUNGIE, one of the most well renowned and critically acclaimed game developers of all time. Why in the world would you care about what PETA thinks?! Ugh, they could use a few pointers from ubisoft.
Plus I doubt that any of the animals in the game will even be real animals. Why stifle the creativity. :(
Seriously though there are probably other reasons.

Steelmanner2696d ago

It was joke, you know how Bungie roles.

AnEwGuY2696d ago

Well it's a good thing, because that's illegal in most countries....

Hicken2696d ago

Not if you paid for dinner and a hotel.

Plasticgearsolid2696d ago

hahaha I never assumed this game would have them anyway but now I'm just gonna say this about every games not expected to have them. No animal mounts in Uncharted 4 what :(

Plasticgearsolid2695d ago

Lets not go that far. Its still gonna be great I'll just have to hope for animal mounts in The Order 1886

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