The OlliOlli story: “Sony told us we weren’t asking them for enough money”

John Robertson discovers how Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami influenced a new spin on the neglected skateboarding genre.

moegooner883787d ago

“After our first pitch to Sony they told us that we weren’t asking them for enough money… they said they liked what we pitched, but it wasn’t going to work with the amount of money we asked for. That’s not usually how it works, you usually get asked to do even more than you’ve pitched and then get hammered down on the price [laughs].”

Seriously, hats off to Sony for this, and for allowing Hegarty to retain the ip's ownership.

izumo_lee3786d ago

Haha! That is something Shahid would say. Whoever saw his Indie Revolution press conference can see this is a genuine guy who wants Indie games to succeed on Playstation.

So big ups to Shahid & the rest of the Indie games guys on Playstation.

Eonjay3787d ago

LOL really now! *Submits game to Sony... gets paid*

360ICE3787d ago

Well, this is bordering to charity. Good thing OlliOlli is a good game.

abzdine3787d ago

this is what i call "to invest smart". nice move sony as always

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Nacho_Z1195d ago

Gris is a good game. Absolutely amazing art style, one of the best looking games I've ever played, with a great soundtrack, but a clever puzzle platformer too.