Japanese Playstation 3 Launch Line Video

They just announced at the store no more purchases. The line has topped out around 1200 people.

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Aramis0014451d ago

It's Japan, what do you expect? If sony crapped into a cardboard box, wrote "playstation" on the side, and slapped on a $600 price tag, the line for it would still be as long as this one.

Weapon X4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

I submitted this story FIRST !!!!! WTF???
MS fans die with ENVY!!! ((aramis likes to repeat himself -- to no avail))


PS3 Ultimate4451d ago

aww yeah! I know its the Japanese market, but you 360 fans should'nt talk rofl, 360 has'nt even come CLOSE to selling 100,000 rofl! And its been a year too, the PLAYSTATION 3 has sold out in just sold out at its first day even with just LIMITED units. I'm sorry, but I say 360 is going down!