inFAMOUS: Second Son vs inFAMOUS 2 Screenshot Comparison: a Huge Leap from PS3 to PS4

inFAMOUS: Second Son is right around the corner, with less than two months to go before the release date on March 21st. The series is jumping a generation from PS3 to PS4, so it obviously looks quite a lot better than its predecessor inFAMOUS 2. But just how much better does it look? is inFAMOUS: Second Son the first real showcase of the generational leap between what’s now old generation and the new one?

The screenshots here, paired to showcase similar elements in both games, give more insight on the answer to that question.

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ape0072428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

big leap indeed, can't wait for infamous second son

also want crackdown 3, hopefully MS put as much effort as sony did with second son

love those types of games

abzdine2428d ago

inFamous 2 still looks amazing!

inveni02428d ago

Yeah, inFamous 2 was always the best looking open world game on PS3, imo. (Until GTA5 came out.) I just hope the city feels alive in Second Son. I don't want to feel disconnected from everything.

specialguest2428d ago

Infamous 2 blew infamous 1 away on graphics and also had better frame rate consistency. It was a pretty game indeed.

UnHoly_One2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Those inFAMOUS 2 images are bullshots.

If you used real screens from inFAMOUS 2 the difference would be even bigger.

Angeljuice2428d ago

Now I'm confused, my eyes keep telling me this game looks amazing, but Xbox fans on this site keep telling me it looks "last gen", now I don't know which to believe.


MajorLazer2428d ago

The inFAMOUS series is my favourite new series of the 7th gen :D I would buy a PS4 just for inFAMOUS, however, only a PS3 with PS+ will do for now

scott1822428d ago

Infamous always looked amazing...

Kavorklestein2428d ago

I HIGHLY DOUBT any xbox fan has ever said Infamous:SS looks last gen. Let alone claim that multiple people have said that. They know as well as well as the next person with eyeballs, that it looks stunning, and of course it's a way strong exclusive for Sony, but you lie. You just wanted a bunch of agrees by making up a bullshit statement.

ChronoJoe2428d ago

I imagine the amount of ram will enable us to see the largest differences in games with larger scope, between generations.

RAM is going to have a large effect on things like drawdistance and resulting popin, which have always had more of an effect on these sort of open-world games.

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Jughead34162428d ago

From the screenshots, it looks like Delsin would beat the crap out of Cole.

Huge graphical leap. And I thought Infamous 2 was a pretty good looking game.

bigrob9042428d ago

actually cole was pretty powerful, it's doubtful cole is that strong. we'll see though.

minimur122428d ago

well delsin has a few powers, cole only has the one :)

Also, being as they've gone with the good ending, and cole is dead but... wait for it... Zeke isn't! Maybe we'll see him in this entry :D

I really hated the bad ending :(

Akuma072428d ago

I hated Cole. Grumpy bast**d.

Personally I think Delsin's true Conduit ability is his ability to copy other Conduit's abilities, so he could just copy Cole's powers and be on the same level at least, and he still has all his other powers to boot.

ABizzel12428d ago


Acutally Cole has 2 powers, and he was temporarily a Vampire :D

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Fixay2428d ago

+1 to this, would love to see a crackdown 3 as I also love games like these

BlackTar1872428d ago

Crackdown 2 was beyond awful. Crackdown 1 was a good unappreciated game but #2 was so bad thinking about it makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

ambientFLIER2428d ago

Um…wasn't crackdown 2 just more of the same? How can it be awful?

BlackTar1872428d ago


Have you played them both?

T22428d ago

yes, emphasis on effort, because crackdown 2 showed ZERO effort, but I won't beat a dead horse, yes, effort and a brand new crackdown build.

ITPython2428d ago

I recently replayed Infamous 1 the other day to get platinum, and it was absolutely INSANE how jaggy everything was. I don't think the game had any AA at all.

Funny thing is, I never really noticed how so many PS3 games are plagued with jaggies until I started playing PS4 games, which are so smooth and clean.

I haven't played Infamous 2 since I platinumed it a few years back, but I might fire it up just to compare it's graphics to Infamous 1 and my PS4 games. Cause the screenshots from the above site look to be mostly cut scenes, and seem to be mostly jaggy free. But I was really surprised to see how bad Infamous 1 was in regards to jaggies, it was quite distracting at times.

WiiUsauce2428d ago

Sorry, but the games look nearly identical. It's not a massive leap lol.

Akuma072428d ago

Character's don't look MUCH better, the difference is in the textures, environments and lighting.

The lighting is 10x better in SS.

Killzoner992428d ago

Well the PS3 is pretty much a next gen machine but if you can't see a difference you're trolling.

s1lentone2428d ago

Get your eyes checked buddy.

showtimefolks2428d ago

infamous 2 still looks amazing but can't wait to play infamous 2nd son


i am there with you bud, i don't know why MS treats crackdown IP with no interest. It should be a huge game series for MS but it seems to me MS isn't interested

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assdan2428d ago

Ok, so it looks A LITTLE better. Jk lol.

Meltic2428d ago

I have a calander here at home and at my office. Everyday i countdown for the infamous second son release. Soon i will use my Powers in Seattle and no police is getting in my way !!! hehe

jacksjus2428d ago

Huge leap but I forgot how good part 2 looked.

MegaSackman2428d ago

I was thinking the same thing, and i've never played Infamous 2. Time to build me more hype. :)

Kivespussi2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Yeah I think infamous 2 looked beautiful too. Didn't even remember...

sorceror1712428d ago

Yeah, I'm replaying Infamous 1 and enjoying it, but it points out how much the graphics jumped between 1 and 2, not to mention how the gameplay was smoothed out.

Sucker Punch has a history of that, of course. The Sly Cooper games got steadily better, too.

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