Sunset Overdrive is a Third Person Shooter

Phil Spencer confirmed today that Sunset Overdrive will be a Third Person Shooter and not a FPS.

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sherimae24131811d ago

well.. i like third person shooter more than FPS..
so this is fine with me.

4ShotKing1811d ago

Depends on the game, but TPS offer a lot more gameplay variety than a FPS does IMO, so I think is great news.

UncleGermrod1811d ago

yep, a game like this should be 3rd person. I kind of figured it would be anyhow.

abzdine1811d ago

if i were you i would be more than sceptical after the disaster FUSE was as a TPS.
wait & see

LexHazard791811d ago

Abzine thanks for that info! Im not worried about Sunset Overdrive because of one bad game! Im pretty sure they want to make a great game for XB1 owners!

JokesOnYou1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Yeah well it wasn't hard to guess, look at the trailer, its got that Crackdown-wild-over the top super power-vibe (I'm begging for a great *local co-op game). We knew it wasn't a platformer, definitely not an rpg so I mean what else was it going to be?; I didn't think it would be a fps from the start.

Obscure_Observer1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )


Are you serious or desperate?

ONE mediocre game and you called it a disaster???

Following your logic, what should we expect from a next TPS game from SCE Japan Studio after Knack?

Yeah, happens that i just know your answer.

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Cloudyday711811d ago

This looks phenomenal. It takes the great idea of high-rise jumping and makes it work a hell of a lot better than inFamous. Sucker Punch must be gutted that somebody is able to deliver their idea better than they could hope to. XBone is killing it with exclusives.

DragonKnight1811d ago


Oh wait, you're serious?

badz1491811d ago

hey...look, a xbot talking about exclusive and how Insomniac is awesome now! how cute...

I wonder what the hell happen to "multiplats are better than exclusives any day of the week" and "Insomniac is just an average/mediocre dev" thing.

Lucreto1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

You are basing this on a 75 second CGI trailer with no gameplay or even a screenshot since it was announced.

That trailer would be concept like when Overstrike changed to Fuse since it has been so long with nothing.

MonChiChi1811d ago

Lol so we making idiotic blind statements! My turn! My turn!

This game looks like a Gotham City Impostors.

On side note, I loved GCI.

InTheLab1810d ago

The only thing you know for certain about this game is that the weapons will be amazing. That's all Insomniac does.

The rest of your statement is pure trolling so I have to ask, why? inFamous isn't really a shooter and these games are nothing alike. Perhaps you should look at the Order and compare those?

Kryptix1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

lol I find that completely funny because I remember Insomniac was constantly being bashed by Xbox fanboys for Resistance and Ratchet and Clank last gen. Now they're being praised because they're making an exclusive for the Xbox One? What kinda shit is that... lol "Oh, let's pit them against Sucker Punch even though they're close friends and worked with each other! Also their games are completely different. =p" And I wouldn't base anything on a CGI trailer, you need to see gameplay and it's mechanics. I still have respect for the developers, no flip flopping here so I hope they create something fresh and not another FUSE.

Cloudyday711810d ago

Why the Insomniac hate? I get that some PlayStation fans might be upset they did a Judas and switch sides to Microsoft but Sunset Overdrive looks epic. A console is defined by its exclusives and this could be the Xbone's very own Gears of War and no amount of The Order: 1886 steampunk gimmicks is going to stop this avalanche of quality graphics and gameplay.

Dirtnapstor1810d ago

Glad to see someone called it... the Insomniac/Sony relationship. I loved their previous games, good luck to them anyhow with this IP. Hopefully it won't turn out like crap though...can anyone say "FUSE"? The Overstrike tone would have been mint! Looks like they kinda went that route here.

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DeadlyFire1811d ago

The Order vs. Sunset Overdrive comparison links that just popped up everywhere on N4G after reading this.

SkippyPaccino1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I love seeing my character move and interact with the world... Especially a new gen game... What's the point of having shinny new graphics if you can't even see your main character animations?

(nothing wrong with a good FPS also)

Magicite1810d ago

shooters is all you can expect from MS.

Ausbo1810d ago

What are uncharted, last of us, kilkzone, the order and infamous? They are pretty much all shooters. Except infamous is with powers. Same idea.

Magicite1810d ago

and then there are god of war, LBP, white knight chronicles and countless others.

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Saito1811d ago

Ok then. Lets hit it!

xc7x1811d ago

never heard of the game,what genre of shooter (i.e..military / horror / sci-fi)?

4ShotKing1811d ago

From what I've read, it's an open shared world game with crazy weapons, have a look at the trailer:

gamer78041811d ago

is it just me, or is the "art style" of this game off putting? Normally i love third person shooters.

idontcare1811d ago

Don't worry, it's just you!

MajorMayhem701811d ago

Lmao. Thanks for that comeback. Made my day and my day just started. Anyways, I love the "art style". It's a game that isn't trying to take itself too serious. Silly cartoony weapons deserve silly cartoony art work. Can't wait to play it.

gamer78041810d ago

Lol to each his own then :)

quaneylfc1811d ago

wasn't that obvious though?

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