In praise of videogame weirdness, from Myst to Minecraft

Edge Online: Remember the weird language used by the D’ni people in the Myst series? It was a thing of beauty, and added an interesting layer to the game. Those are not the main reasons why I liked it, though. What I really liked was knowing that the developers had bothered to create it, and had done so with a depth and commitment that frankly made them heroic. But I am a sucker for that sort of thing. I’m the kid who reckoned the best thing about the Star Wars films was the languages. Heck, they even needed subtitles. Swoon! So naturally I imagine the Myst guys had a similar mindset to me and loved the challenge of making up their language as well.

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Pozzle2693d ago

I'll have to replay Myst someday. I don't think I fully appreciated the amount of detail that went into that game/series when I first played it as a child.