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The PS Vita Review Network received a request to review LittleBigPlanet and here it is.

"LittleBigPlanet makes it’s PS Vita debut with a bang, offering more content than even the PS3 games have offered. It is cute, fun, and has a lot of depth. While the community may be smaller than its PS3 counterparts, the sharing of DLC with the PS3 version brings this game regular content that will keep anyone busy for hours on end."

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PoSTedUP2629d ago

its simply outstanding. the touch controls, the user created levels, the community is amazing. my favorite LBP. its worth a lot more than what i paid for it.

guitarded772629d ago

Much agreed. Personally I think the Vita version is the best LBP game because of all the control features. Far more interactive, and the LBP universe relates well. Tearaway takes it to another level. Really can't wait to see what MM do with the PS4, and on the Vita next. I'm sure they have 2 development teams working right now. They've been so successful on PS3 and Vita. Really brilliant people.

PoSTedUP2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

i know! im expecting LBP on ps4 to be mind blowing. i consider MM to be the Motzart of game developement, serioulsly, for ppl to be able to make their own games the way that they do with such complexity ( recreating LIMBO!?) its purly astonishing. its a $30 game, filled to the brim with 15-$30 games... O_O. i played the Tearaway user level like: "is this real?" ...its real.

dedicatedtogamers2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I actually didn't like the touch controls. LBP games have that very, very slight amount of lag and touch controls in a lot of the functions (like tapping platforms or guiding those bombs) felt clunky. The platforming feels up to par for the LBP series and the art style is great, as always, but I thought the touch controls were a burden.

Tearaway shows what LBP could've been...

captainexplosion2629d ago

"Tearaway shows what LBP could've been..."

I thought LBP was much better. Tearaway was a big reason I got a Vita but I was really disappointed with it. It was pretty good but the camera was TERRIBLE and it felt rushed. There was very little to explore in the world. No minigames. The customization options and in game currency was also lacking.

PoSTedUP2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

while im not going to compare it to tearaway bc they are two different games (and i havent fully played it yet, but everyone loves it and it has gotten really good reviews), i can only say that the touch controls make it easier and are very precise; there is a bit of lag so you cant move things as fast as your finger can move, but its much faster than the cursor. the menu touch, cutting objects, drawing, shaping, placing decoations, enlarging/shrinking etc. are all more convient with touch imo. there were parts in the story where you had to move (touch) platforms rapidly, and had no problems. but ill admitt it takes a little getting use to, especially the rear touch; id say the rear touch is clunky and takes getting use to.

hulk_bash19872629d ago

Definitely a worthy entry into the LBP series. Love the campaign and vita specific features.

Fixay2629d ago

Get my vita tomorrow with this game in the bundle, looking forward to trying it out

captainexplosion2629d ago

Just played this the other day. It is quite possibly one of the best platformers Ive ever played. Its such a creative and big game. Not only do you get a wonderful campaign, but community levels, level editor, minigames, and a arcade. GREAT game.

remanutd552629d ago

One of the best on the system so far

captainexplosion2629d ago

My favorites have been this and Rayman Legends.

remanutd552628d ago

Tearaway and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time are really good too

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