New Legends of Grimrock 2 details, screenshots emerge from depths

Legend of Grimrock 2 will not be a direct sequel to the original dungeon crawler RPG, according to a post from developer Almost Human.

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thezeldadoth2855d ago

they look nice. i started legends of grimrock but didn't finish.

Xof2855d ago

Same here. Those puzzles just got too damned tedious.

I'm loving the hell out of Might and Magic X right now. I really hope Grimrock 2 tries to make combat more dynamic than Grimrock 1.

thezeldadoth2855d ago

i was considering might and magic x but didn't get it due to how i felt about grimrock. how much better is might and magic?

Xof2854d ago

Might and Magic IX is a newer game, but it feels a little more dated because it's much less polished. That said, I'm enjoying it quite a bit more than Grimrock. Here are some disordered thoughts in bullet-point form:

-MM9 emphasizes combat over puzzle-solving, although there ARE still a few puzzles and hidden things (secret doors that require spells/abilities to see). Combat is "similar" to Grimrock as it's from a first-person perspective and mouse-based. It's farely standard D&D-inspired fare--lots of stat-based abilities (passive and active) for each class. There are three classes for each race, and four races (human, elf, dwarf and orc), plus each class can be promoted to an "advanced" class (so the total is 12 or 24 classes).

-Because MM9 is combat-based, it's combat is a lot more difficult. You'll need to use potions and scrolls and you'll really, really NEED to think about what you're doing while your fighting. Especially for bosses.

-Basically, if you've played the Etrian Odyssey games on NDS/3DS, think a more traditional Western version of that. Heavy emphasis on combat and exploration.

-The narrative is delivered pretty minimalistically, but is intriguing.


The main problem with the game are that it's not optimized very well (it defaults to medium graphics setting which would have looked pretty bad in 2005.

I bought the game 3 or 4 days ago, and have already sunk 22 hours into it. If you think you'd like Grimrock with more and more varied (and outdoor) environments, very few puzzles and a ton of really fun, challenging combat (backed by very robust character customization mechanics) and a fair bet of story/quests/setting to explore, you really should buy it. It's fantastic.

ninjahunter2855d ago


Xristo2855d ago

Can't wait! I still play Legends of Grimrock with user created dungeons!