Last Night I Lost My Monster Hunter Virginity

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is currently on sale for $19.99 on the eShop. The deal expires tomorrow, February 3. If you've been on the fence about Monster Hunter, this post is for you.

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sknygy2453d ago

How was it for you? ;)

dedicatedtogamers2453d ago


(I'm not the article writer) I've been playing since MHF on the PSP. I held off on MH3U because I'm waiting for online support (I already own a 3DS) so I'll be jumping back into the series when MH4U comes out early next year. Very excited to try that one. Don't even care that there's only 1 analog stick. Online support is what I need and MH4 will have online multiplayer.

user95970822453d ago

Good news is that the optional virtual second d-pad on the touch screen actually works very well. I've clocked a hundred hours into the game and it's certainly better than the psp setup.

dedicatedtogamers2453d ago

@ Shiny

I tried the demo for MH3U and was disappointed that I couldn't "claw", but the camera lock-on with the bumper worked really really well.

Or were you referring to MH4?

Gregard2452d ago

Not sure if you are aware but, MH3U HAS online support on the Wii U.

Also, consider getting a circle pad pro thingy for the 3DS. It's not very expensive and it makes camera handling super easy! I even have it on my 3DS for games that don't even support it, because it adds hand grips on the bottom which makes holding it much more comfortable. Especially for longer games like bravely default ;)

Brazz2453d ago

Good! Now it's time for your... "real life"!

lekain2453d ago

For the amount of hours you can get out of this game, at this price, it is the best value in gaming on any system. There is a learning curve though. You can't just jump into it if you haven't played the Monster Hunter series before.

LennyLovespuds2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I hope he used some high ranking protection. lol

Damd_Bowsr2453d ago

I recommend anyone has doesn't have this game to go buy it.

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