The Order 1886: Another Photo from Developer

Art director Nathan, graphic leads Matt and Dave have not slept in a long while, yet they are smiling at 1am on a Saturday night.

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DeletedAcc3280d ago

The Order: 1886 will set benchmarks

Dumb_username3280d ago

Such as? I'm serious what new standards will this game set?

DeletedAcc3280d ago

Cinematic experience and technical standards

Dumb_username3280d ago

@Sackboy305 "Cinematic experience and technical standards" All we've seen are screenshots and you can say that with a straight face?

UltimateMaster3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

If they set this game as a benchmark, then the other 2 consoles will be under-performing.

Let's be real.
The Visuals are awesome and surely surpasses any other exclusive console games out there.

Just wish they would show Videos rather than just Images.

Imalwaysright3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

@ Yuri_Fan and demonicale666 bellow

What are you guys doing? Everyone knows that logic and common sense aren't allowed in here. The sheep are too afraid to think on their own.

SonyStyled3280d ago

in his defense, Ready at Dawn has never made a bad game. there lowest metacritic rating is a 84 and at highest low 90's. they know there stuff. with a studio composed of a bunch of past Naughty Dog devs, im more than sure we got something special here

FamilyGuy3280d ago

The cinematic experience is being made like no other game. They truly want it to feel like a movie and I love the genre they're going after so it looks like a perfect fit.

It's in the same vein as movies like Van Helsing and that new tv show Dracula. The graphics are amazing and are said to be improved since that initial trailer was shown.

At the vary least they'll be setting a new standard for amazing looking beards in a video game.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Hmmm...what benchmarks would those be with a resolution of 1920x800? Ryse couldn't set benchmarks supposedly by not being at the supposedly preferred resolution of 1080p...The order looks good though.

H0RSE3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )


That's cool and all, and I don't think anyone questioned them as developers, but making good games is not the same as setting "cinematic and technical benchmarks."

Crytek has set benchmarks multiple times in graphics, yet as games, their projects are lackluster.

Silly gameAr3280d ago


Did you think of that insult all by yourself? Never heard that before. You're obviously to great for this site sir.

MazzingerZ3280d ago

We will see more after inFAMOUS:SS launches and has been out under 2-3 weeks

FlunkinMonkey3280d ago


"All we've seen are screenshots and you can say that with a straight face?"

You're right Mr 2 day old account, we've actually seen more second accounts of yours than we have of video's and screenshots, but that's not saying much now is it?

Imalwaysright3279d ago

@ Silly gameAr

Thank you for noticing. When I see someone saying that the Order will set the benchmark for cinematic experience in videogames when there is no footage of the game to be found than what else is there to be said? Maybe you could try to explain me how a game that we haven't even see in motion will set the benchmark of cinematic experience but I'm pretty sure I won't understand you.

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demonicale6663280d ago

Based on what?, why are people such sheep.
HAVE you seen the game for yourself?, no, so stop making it out to be better than anything before it.

UNTILL we see it up and running and we've played it, we can't make comments like that.

noctis_lumia3280d ago

stop crying dude this game is already a bomb i dont need to play the game to understand that...this game wil lget high scores and will be a good experience

save that message once the high scores drops out kkthxbb

Rute3280d ago

noctis_lumia: There's nothing wrong with hoping that a game turns out to be great, in fact, I think that's a very nice attitude and I myself hope that this game will turn out excellent.

However, to state as a fact that a game will get high scores and be a good experience before even seeing any gameplay is just silly.

Remember Lair on PS3? Or Too Human on 360? Those games were hyped beyond belief but turned out to be very average experiences.

Imalwaysright3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

I can tell if a game is going to be good before playing it BUT that is from watching gameplay videos, not screenshots.

SneeringImperialist3280d ago ShowReplies(6)
BABY-JEDI3280d ago

It may even have park benches put up in its honour. Victorian stylie ones of course
; )


Xbots are all up in here today!

plaZeHD3280d ago

It sounds like a great game, but don't go as far as saying it will set benchmarks.

Last_Boss3280d ago

This game is not on p.c.


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majiebeast3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Must be one huge deadline incoming. Maybe a gameplay trailer is closer then we think. Would be cool if Sony did a huge trailer blow out, on the day the PS4 was announced.

abzdine3280d ago

i dont see what that would bring. it was a year ago already and i'm actually happy with the way they spaced their games trailers.

they are having a huge amount of games work in progress, i think one picture here and one there is a good way to keep the hype going.

tigertron3280d ago

Man I'm tired of the teasing, I'm just desperate to see some gameplay! :(

Gamer-403280d ago

Van Helsing design very cool.

Bathyj3280d ago

Dammit, theyre playing it right there and theyre laughing at us.


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